loneliness blessing disguise

5 amazing reasons why loneliness is blessing in disguise

Life is a crazy ride where nothing is guaranteed. You never know what is going to happen tomorrow. Obviously, no one wants to be a loner in this ride full of adventure, happiness and sorrow. We all can agree on one thing that we all have thought that life is not fair at some point in our life. We all have felt down, heart-broken, miserable and vulnerable. While dealing with such life phase, one can simply not escape the feeling of being all alone. If it was prison, it might have been the “most attempted to escape” one

We all have read that loneliness isn’t good for health. It breeds depression and emotional break down. But what if I tell you that, your predefined notions of good and bad that governs the perception of loneliness is nothing but judgemental review of something.


We all completely fails to recognize the positive impact of loneliness.


Don’t raise your eyebrows, stress your eyes and claim that writer is a crackhead



Here are 5 stunning reasons why Loneliness is the stepping stone to tremendous success.




Creates a good observer


Ever had a feeling that you are standing still and time is running by. Things are escalating and speeding away and you are standing still in the room full of people, closely seeing everything without giving any reaction. Being a loner makes you one of the best observer, and being a good observer in today’s world is a blessing. Most fatal person is the person who observe and think. Instead of feeling miserable, change your mindset and become the smartest person in the room



Open your creative side.



To be honest, this blog came up because I was a loner, not a “sitting in the corner” type of lonely, but “surrounded in a crowd” type of. I personally feel that loneliness has a massive potential to unleash your creative side in the best way possible. The urges within you to find a meaning and an aim in life brings the best out of you. You explore yourself and a little spark of positivity can serve as a ray of hope which can lay a strong foundation to build your future empire.



You will stop looking for validation



Most of us don’t make the move or follow our dreams because we are too afraid of what others will think. When you are a loner, you don’t have anyone to prove to or impress to. That’s the best part of being lonely, you can finally stop impressing anyone, can stop looking for validation from others and do whatever you feel happy doing.  You can do what you actually enjoy. Now because there is no one out there judging you, you can finally listen to your heart and do whatever you want to do, no one is going to criticize or make fun. Now you are all set to rise and fly.



It brings some important realization


loneliness blessing disguise



In this fast-paced life, everyone is indulged into pleasing others. People are so much engaged into building their popularity that they forget who they truly are. Thank God, this is not the case with you. You can always converse with yourself. And, to be honest, true motivation and inspiration is always found within ourselves and in the things, we do.

Important realizations dawn on you when you are lonely, not only about you but about everyone else you have ever met. You get to know who is actually your friend and who are foes. Time is the ultimate teacher, it reveals each and everything in the most suitable way possible. Loneliness is the phase where you learn about yourself, about others and about life.



It creates the strongest fighter



Dealing with loneliness isn’t easy. It isn’t, trust me. It needs a lot more courage and strength to deal with the feeling of neglect and discard. It’s hard to feel rejected every day, pick yourself up and move towards your goal. Undoubtedly, this time, one of your hardest times, builds the strongest fighter out of you, a person and a personality who is veined to win, no matter whether situations are favorable or not. No matter whether someone is accompanying you to your goal or not.

You get to learn about your strength and weakness and then you can work on your strength to make it so impacting that it will minimize effects of your weakness.



In a nutshell, loneliness is curse, this is nothing but a misconception. It would be more suitable to say that loneliness is the phase of life that builds the best out of you. If you want to be extra-ordinary, you have to face the worst adversities. Remember, even diamond is a coal that is subjected to high temperature and pressure.



Shift your mindset and train hard to be a ‘go-getter’. Be the trendsetter. Be so big that no one can ignore your presence. It’s all about how you perceive things.


loneliness blessing disguise




Be the winner, because world worships the winner.



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