7 Life lessons we can learn from PUBG

Whoever said that video games rot brains couldn’t have been more wrong.

While there are hundreds of games that inspire a player also in reality, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that latest fad in the market, Player unknowns battleground is one of them.


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7 Life Lessons we can learn from PUBG – Player Unknowns Battlegrounds







life lessons we can learn from pubg

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One of the most important lessons that we learn from this game, like any other game is teamwork. You can’t always win the chicken dinner playing solo, but, in the team, your chances to win improves. Someone might revive you when you are knocked out while others may give a cover fire.

So, the time when you were supposed to be out of the game, not only you survive but also your team scores some kills. A similar analogy can be drawn into real life also. You can do wonderful things working alone, but at a certain time, especially if you are into any kind of business, or are pursuing entrepreneurship, you will realize that you need a team, group of people you can trust. That way you can expand your dream empire efficiently.

Life is full of ups and downs, sometimes your success might be skyrocketing while other time it can be scratching grounds, so to tackle such times efficiently, you need people who can have your back and beat the odds in the field.




Look out for opportunists surrounding you



life lessons we can learn from pubg

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What we learn if we closely observe things in pubg is, to be aware of people who really want to play along and who are just opportunist. Sometimes one of your teammates go nuts and start to ram you by a vehicle (thank god, it stopped after the update). Look out for such people, in the game, and in real life. because numbers of such people increase exponentially as soon as you start to escalate ladders of success.




Save yourself before saving others


life lessons we can learn from pubg

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This might sound very selfish and mean but it is the hard truth. In the battleground, lives matter.

Like in game, one of your teammates gets knocked out, your whole team is taking heavy fire, what would be better?

Eliminating the enemy who is firing or acting out of emotions, going to revive that knocked out mate and getting yourself knocked out too?

Probably the first one, right.

Similarly in real life too, when your company is facing a hard time, go and save them, try to pull them out of the thick soup, but before that, strengthen yourself.



Know your field properly

You are in the last round, the smallest circle, desperately searching for the last enemy and all of a sudden you  get a headshot from somewhere and snap! You are out even after coming so close.

Haven’t it happened to you?

And doesn’t it happen many times in real life?

Putting in so many efforts into a work, crossing and knocking all the hurdles, when we are close to finishing line, competition beats us down. While we cry that we are just unlucky, we fail to accept that it happened because somehow we failed to know our field properly.



Strategy and vision are everything


life lessons we can learn from pubg

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You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.


Yes, strategy and vision is everything. In the game as well as in real life. As for in the game, if you land in pochinki, school or rozhok (map: erangel) and expect that you won’t be killed soon, then, you need to think again. (unless you  are star player, which most of the people on an average aren’t ).

Instead of landing in these hotspots, why not land in some less visited place, loot and cleverly and stealthily take over the best spots near the center of the circle.  Different gamers, different strategies.

In life too, you need to have a vision with a strong strategy to make you’re a dream a reality. I will be brutally honest with you, if you lack strategy and plan, you will be finished before even getting started properly.



Patience is THE secret element to win


So you are in the last circle, hiding in the grass, waiting to spot that last enemy, growing impatient, you come out of hiding to search for that foe, and as soon as you come out of hiding, you get shot. Turns out, he was also waiting for you to come out, with little more patience, he wins.

Same goes in the real world and very often too. Patience and perseverance are those secret elements you need to forge your success.



Defense and attack



life lessons we can learn from pubg

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You can’t ever win if you are always on the defensive, to win you have to attack.

Everything explained in the above-mentioned line. In game and in reality, if you want to win, you can’t achieve that victory if you resort to hide and flight.

With patience, strategy and right choice only, you seal your victory.




Want to be wise? Just look around and observe.

Share the article with your pubg squad and tell me what strategy you follow.

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  1. hey man whatever you said is somewhat similar that happens with me. i m able to relate almost what u said haha all the phrases that you used are really interesting and found you articles really informative keep it up and post more articles.