6 Life lesson you can learn from your favorite avengers

To be able to fly high in the sky, to fight like a war machine or to save the world from the clutches of dooms day, isn’t what we all dreamt of, at least once in our life?

Admit it or not, we all have fantasize about being our favorite superhero. We all have thought that if, we were them, how we would have saved the world. How we have made a difference out there with those super powers.


To be honest, I still dream that someday a group of scientists come breaching my door, take me to a lab, make me a super human and then freeze me in the ice for 70 years

But let me ask you, what establishes that strong connection with the superhero we adore and idolize?

Is it their super powers?

Is it their cool badass attitude?

If we talk about the things that “attract” us towards them then the answer to the above given options will definitely be yes. A big yes!

But are those really what establishes that bond between us and them?

What establishes that strong bond is the deep flaws those characters have, the pain they have suffered and the way they have gotten over them.


Here are


6 life lesson you can learn from your favorite avengers and be an avenger yourself



What inspired Stan Lee the most, was the question, “what if I had this”. Stan lee, the creator of marvel universe, grew up in the time of great American depression. He saw people and he himself struggled to meet the basic requirement of life in that period. More than the fantasies of super power, his characters were more inspired by the struggle of a common man to get over the problems, guilt, flaws and sorrows of his life.


Stan Lee - avengers infinity war - Life lesson you can learn from your favorite avengers

Stan Lee, The creator of Marvel Universe



No one has a perfect life. Everybody has something that he wishes was not the way It is.

We all wish we had super powers. We all wish we could do more than we can do

~ Stan Lee


The Incredible Hulk – Bruce Banner




Incredible Hulk - Avengers Infinity war-Life lesson you can learn from your favorite avengers

The Incredible Hulk – Bruce Banner



What I find, is, there are two very important life changing lessons to be learned from Bruce Banner.

Trying to save the life of a teenager, Dr. Bruce Banner is transformed by exposure to massive gamma radiation into the extremely powerful and fearsome creature called The Hulk. And let me break it down quite simply to you: You do NOT want to make this one angry.

Hulk is more known for the fearsome actions and destruction he causes. But over the time, it is notable how he has developed and learned to use his anger for good.

What is here to be learned from Bruce is how we can channelize negativity inside of us against the greater negativity to bring the positive outcomes. In today’s fast paced life, irritation and anger are the most common human emotions. How amazing it would be if we learn to channelize that anger into more productive work, maybe like working out, so the energy which was there to harm you get used in building you instead.

Another lesson to be learned from the character of Hulk is


When you meet the right woman, she can heal the pain and rage in you


Although the angrier he gets, the stronger he gets, The Hulk’s only heaven of peacefulness and voice of reason that can somehow bring Banner to his senses is Betty Ross, his gorgeous beloved lady.



Hawkeye – Clint Barton



Hawkeye - Avengers Infinity war - Life lesson you can learn from your favorite avengers

The Hawkeye – Clint Barton


Clint was orphaned at the young age. His father was drunkard and an alcoholic abuser.

His parents were killed in a road accident. He and his brother were put in an orphanage.

Broken hollow and shattered, Clint escaped the orphanage and joined a circus for living. There trained by professional swordsman, Clint became the master marksman. After finding out that his mentor was embezzling money from the circus, he stood against it instead of letting it go. His brave actions resulted him into almost beaten to death condition. Inspired by Iron Man, he also wanted to help people by his skills and make a difference out there. In spite of being a common man, he matched the level of super heroes and god in avengers.


I mean, I can’t miss… I’m on a team with super-humans. And one god, in case you’ve forgotten. Even you… well, you climb walls really well. The training is the only thing that makes me special. And if I’m not special, then none of this is worth it. I gave up a lot for this life. I could have been happy with Mockingbird– Bobbi. We could have had a good, simple life. But I wanted to play with the big boys. And if I miss, it means I’m just another dude with a bow. It means I’ve been fooling myself this whole time. And that’s why I never miss.


Hawkeye’s immense hollowness was driving his aspiration of becoming a better version of himself than yesterday. Suffered from huge loss in childhood, he fueled his pain into making a version of himself that can help and bring the change in common person’s life. could help the people to have a safer and secured future.

Everyone has suffered losses in one way or other. Instead of letting that pain sink you in the never-ending loop of thoughts, you can turn it into a fuel that can serve your dying aspirations.




Thor – the god of thunder




Thor - avengers infinity war - Life lesson you can learn from your favorite avengers

Thor – The god of Thunder



While Thor might seem the cocky, boastful and arrogant superhero, he has qualities that leave a long-lasting impression on your mind.

One lesson that Thor teaches the best is,

The source of our ability to overcome the challenges in life doesn’t come from our possessions – it resides within us.


After getting his hammer destroyed by Hella, he lost his confidence. When Hella clutched him and was mockingly asking Thor about his powers, the helpless Thor visited Odin in his thoughts who reminded him of who he actually was and that hammer was mere a tool to focus his powers, it wasn’t the source of it.

After that we all know, Thor used the full power of electricity and wreaked a havoc on Hella.


What we learned from this incident is

When we learn to stop deriving our strength, identity and worth from our outward possessions, that’s when we can develop the strength of character from within!


Black widow – Natasha Romanoff



Black Widow - Natasha romanoff - Avengers infinity war - Life lesson you can learn from your favorite avengers

Black Widow – Natasha Romanoff




Born and raised in soviet, Russia, Natasha was trained to be a cold-blooded assassin of Soviet Union. Hawkeye was assigned a task to kill Natasha where he defeats her and instead of killing her, offers a choice to turn her life around and serve for the better cause. Doesn’t matter how dark and cruel her past was, she decided to leave it all behind and serve a noble cause. She chose to defend humanity as her redemption and is a S.H.I.E.L.D agent ever since.

You are never too late to start over and give your life a new direction and a meaning. If you think that what you did or what you are doing isn’t right, if you think that you can do better, be ready to give yourself a second chance and be better.




The Iron Man – Tony Stark



Iron Man - Avengers infinity war - Life lesson you can learn from your favorite avengers

Iron Man – Tony Stark



Evolving, tech genius, pushing his limits and always learning from mistakes.

When we think of tony stark, person with these 4 qualities dominating the personality lights up the mind.

A deeply flawed character, he’s an alcoholic, he’s egotistical, he’s vain, and he’s often condescending.

A billionaire playboy, an ammunition and arms manufacturer, who was shook and shocked when he realized that weapons his industries manufactured were sold to the terrorists organization which resulted into mass murder.

Enlightened and awakened by the words of his dying ally, Yinsen, he decides to change his life for better and manifest his powers for the betterment of people and to reduce his guilt of what he has done unknowingly.

Tony stark is one of the most faulty yet one of the most famous hero of marvel universe.

Tony always be his own person, he never let others influence him in any situation or let others to direct him, he does what is right instead of what others expect.


Sometimes you have to run before you can walk


What we can actually learn from tony is that he is always ready to push himself beyond his limit, always ready to work outside his comfort zone.

Always passionate about the things he love the most. He knows that intelligence is greater than brute strength.

He is one of the base level heroes in avengers but still with his perseverance and knowledge he put himself at the same level with fighters like Thor, hulk and captain America. He is evolving, he learns from his mistakes and improves.





Captain America – Steve Rogers



Captain america - avengers infinity war - Life lesson you can learn from your favorite avengers

Captain America – Steve Rogers



Captain America is the ideal hero. He is the epitome of how a superhero should be. Selfless patriot whose aim is nothing but to serve humanity.

Honestly if I start writing about what could be learn from captain America, I would probably end up writing two or three blog articles on it.

Captain America’s leadership qualities are the ones to be admired upon. I guess that’s why he’s the Captain after-all.

That scene where Captain America assigns each Avenger with their duties in The Avengers shows you how good of a leader he is. Critical thinking at its best.

Also, among the Avengers, he is undoubtedly, the most selfless.

What I like the most is cap’s moral conviction and his decision-making qualities. Doesn’t matter how opposite the situation maybe from the expectations, how hard the circumstances might be, captain always do what is morally right rather than what others expect him to do.

If in today’s world, if we let go off the worry of what others will think of us and start doing what’s right, we not only will change our lives but the lives of people around us.





Its not always the super human strength that makes someone a super hero. Sometimes raising your voice against something morally corrupted can also make you a super hero, as it needs gut. Your actions might not change the world, but it will surely change the world for the person you fought for. Analyzing all the super heroes, we can agree upon the conclusion that its not their super powers that made them what they are but what resides within them and how they chose to harvest and manifest it.

Go ahead, learn and be a real-life avenger and make a positive change out there.







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