Why succeeding is insanely easy for a lazy person

Jaw Dropping reasons Why Lazy People are better than Hard Workers

Why succeeding is insanely easy for a lazy person?

This is enough to raise your eyebrows.  If you’re already judging, ridiculing and discarding this entire thought then Congratulation! You’re brain is completely normal. After all, from childhood to adulthood, each and every person we have met or have taken advice, said this one thing for sure: ‘If you want to achieve something, you have to work hard’


But today I am not going to tell you the same. Instead I am going to encourage you to be lazier, to not complete your assignments on time and to not respond to your Facebook messages by yourself.

Sounds pretty interesting and irresistible?

Now let me make it more interesting and blow your mind.


Why succeeding is insanely easy for a lazy person



Why succeeding is insanely easy for a lazy person




The quality filter

Yes, it’s one if the biggest benefit of being lazy.  Lazy people do not take on any project regardless of its quality just for the sake of working and being engaged. They tend to work on those projects that really are appealing and productive. They are very wise in choosing projects and prefer to waste their energy very carefully.

And the best part is, it’s not taught to them, it’s a sense and quality that is inbuilt into them.

Are you lazy and feeling little proud? Hang on, there is more to come.



They are innovative


Why succeeding is insanely easy for a lazy person



Their laziness is what make them innovative and force them to think outside the box.

After all why wheel was invented? Because someone was too lazy to walk

Why car was invented? Because someone was too lazy to pedal bicycle

Why train was invented? Because someone was too lazy to drive a car

Why airplane was invented? Because someone was too lazy to travel by a train.


And you still think that laziness won’t get you anywhere.


Lazy people are clever

According to a research, lazy people are cleverer than hard-working folks. In fact this is the root cause of them being lazy. Since their IQ level is more than usual folks, so they tend to get bore from normal monotonous life easily.

Only really appealing projects faze them.

So next time, someone taunt you on your laziness, feel proud to say that you are cleverer than him and show him this blog post.




Smart work instead of hard work

“I will always hire a lazy person to do a hard job. Because, a lazy person will find an easy way to do it”

– Bill Gates

Must Read: Bill Gates advice to young entrepreneurs. See what he have to you.

Lazy people are way smarter than hard workers. They are very good at putting resources into use.

For example: If a lazy person is a content marketer, 97% of the time he do not respond to messages himself or post and market the contents himself. Instead, he put virtual assistants and other free automatic services available online to do the content marketing work.  So this way, without stretching him too thin, he easily focuses on work that really matters. Moreover they make the best entrepreneurs, they make clever use of resources and even figure out a way to make money while sleeping.

There was a person I knew, he created a social media page for a company, every time someone interacted to the company through that page, he used to make money. This was a brilliant idea. He was earning a good amount even when he was asleep.

So in a way he used to work for 4 hours a day and earn more than those who worked 9 to 5



Lazy people easily find a good job and position in corporate world

Yes this is absolutely true


Lazy folks work according to 80:20 rule. It is known as The Pareto Principle. They invest 20% of their energy into work that accounts for 80% of production. And the best part is, they have this habit inbuilt into them. That means no one have taught them this. Now that’s mind-blowing. And that’s what a management wants, less input and more production.

Moreover they prove to be good leaders as they do not waste time discussing useless agendas and holding useless meetings


They are more focused

A study revealed that successfully completing projects just before deadline reveals that person is highly focused. This is one of the most common traits among all lazy people. They never complete projects before time, which shows that they are highly focused. They spend very less time compared to active folks and complete the project, that also with a good quality. Also they use their laziness to their advantage. I found a person’s answer on Quora who said that his social media accounts password length from 25-32 characters. That way when he is given a hard task to do and he feels tempted to check his social media accounts, he procrastinate because of the length of the passwords and returns to work. This is one of the simplest and cleverest things I ever read.





Too lazy to leave a conclusion. Read the blog post’s heading.



Do you still feel that being lazy is shameful?

Feel proud to be lazy and drop a comment if you are one of the lazy beings.

Drop a ‘Yes’ in the comment because I know you are too lazy to type more than that.






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