Why are you here? What will be changed?

Let us get straight to the topic without wasting time. You are already busy, so why should we waste your time with silly build ups.

Why are you here?

You are here because we will be serving you with contents that will surely make you think hard, will force you to question your concretely settled beliefs, will make you doubt your perceptions, will evolve your thinking and the way you see the world.


What will be changed?

Simple answer. YOU will be changed. Maybe not radically but gradually you will feel the change.


Let us take a look how merriam-webster defines these two words.

EVOLVE:-   to produce by natural evolutionary processes :  develop, work out

in simple words, to grow gradually.


  1.   a result of perceiving :  observation
  2.   a mental image :  concept
  3. obsolete :  consciousness

  4.   awareness of the elements of environment through physical sensation color perception

  5.   physical sensation interpreted in the light of experience

  6.   quick, acute, and intuitive cognition   appreciation

  7.  a capacity for comprehension

well seven points are maybe enough to get a rough idea of what perception actually means.

We all have grown up or maybe growing up with certain things in our mind strongly occupied which knowingly or unknowingly affect our day to day decisions, our approach towards situations, people and more importantly life.  We never bothered to check our certain perceptions and we just relied on it blindly.  BUT, Are we right in trusting them blindly? or maybe we should try to see things in a different way with a different approach. See, most of the people will find it hard to follow because it will force them to lay a little stress on their minds, it will force them to rethink which is the hardest thing in today’s fast growing world.


With a crazy mindset of changing the thought process of our readers, we will be presenting our contents on 3 DAYS  basis.

Why are we taking 3 days to publish a new content?

Because you deserve nothing but the best and quality contents take time to form .

NEXT POST :  April 16, 2017.

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