7 things to do during weekend to instantly improve your life

Finally, Weekend at last! Weekend-the name itself gives out so positive and relaxing vibes. Weekend is something you all look forward to after an exhausting week at work. They are more important than you think because not only you can lie down, loosen up and unwind yourself but also you can frame and adopt some habits especially for weekends that can improve your life and slot.

Here is the list of 7 such habits that you can build to improve your life:-



Don’t oversleep




I know we all need that heavenly dose of sleep but as a wise man said, excess of anything is bad for us. As tempted as you maybe but don’t oversleep. Oversleeping affects your biological rhythm. Try to wake up early or at least at the same time every day. Include naps in your day. Naps can last from 10 minutes to 45 minutes, doesn’t matter, your choice. Naps are scientifically proven to increase alertness, wipe out negative thoughts and increases ability to learn.


Use technology as less as possible

weekendNeglecting tech completely is pretty hard as it has infiltrated every corner of our lives. From TV’s to watches we wear, we are surrounded by tech, so obviously I can’t ask you to switch from modern man to stone age fellow, but I can ask you to minimize the use of it. You extensively use tech whole week, you might be a blogger like me, a software developer, online marketer or just a person using social media. Using and remaining surrounded by tech for a long time increases your stress level and digital addiction. Your brain needs to ‘Digital detoxify’ itself. Try to shut down your laptops, switch off your mobiles and read a book, a real one made of papers not a digital file. Switch off WiFi, talk to your friends and family, pretend like its 1995. But first read the article and then switch it off, there is yet lot to offer.



Declutter your home




If you still have some energy left from the past week, try to organize your home and your work table. Is your closet too cluttered? Bathroom is flooded with useless products? Lots of mess and papers on your work desk? Try to organize them. Yes, you might not be able to do all things on your first weekend but you will surely make a great improvement. You can re-arrange your wardrobe; can get rid of clothes you don’t wear. You can either sell them or do the charity. Simplifying your surroundings decreases the chances of a psychological problem known as “Decision Fatigue”. This problem is the main reason why billionaires like to keep it simple and dress simply.




Pay attention to your thoughts.




Yes, pause and pay attention to your thoughts. Listen what they are telling you. Pay attention to how you are feeling nowadays. Are you feeling positive vibes or negative vibes? If your thinking is getting more into the negative zone then understand that it’s time to change you thought process. Thoughts control our actions and our actions determine who we are so it is very important to have a positive approach and that is why positive thinking is a must. Try to change the words you use in your thoughts. Michael Losier, the author of Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t, recommends we should stop using the words no, not and don’t to attract more of the things we want. Our response to the words we use instead will change completely. “Stay calm” sounds way better than “don’t panic,” right?

Spend time with your loved ones





Spend some time with your loved ones. Try to bridge the gaps. Try to reconnect. Call your friends and people you care for. Listen what they have to say to you, how they are doing in life and how you can help them to be better. Don’t only call them or get in touch with them when you need them. Be there for them. The importance of human connection, the hugging and touching is vital for your well being.

And even if you don’t have many friends, try to reach to people who share common interest. If you are a blogger like me, you can get in touch with similar fellow bloggers, you can get to know them, know what they are up to and how you can help them. Always remember, you learn way more from people than from books.

Stop being a chronic worrier and go outside




Put that “what if” mindset aside. Refrain from worrying over things you can’t control like the government shutdown, the economy, the weather or anything like that. Instead you can control yourself. List the things that worry you and set an action next to each of those you can control. Have you gained too much weight lately? Make a plan to do something about it.

Go outside and breathe in the fresh air. Go for a family picnic. Go for a walk on beach or go for a hiking trip. Make friends with nature again and pay attention to its beauty. Just relax yourself.

Follow the three L policy





Yes, follow this three “L” policy.

Love, Laugh and Live.

Laughter is the best medicine; you can never have enough of it. Laughter improves your immune system, help you relax and reduces your heart attack chances by 40%. Show gratitude for what you have, be thankful for this beautiful day, food and facilities that you have. There are many others who lack such facilities. Be excited for what life has to offer. Every day is full of surprises. If you’re upset, just remember that’s it’s just a bad day, not a bad life and you’re capable enough  to make a wonderful example out of it. Be lively, be charming and be full of life.


What do you do on weekends; don’t forget to tell me in comments. I will be glad to listen to you.

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    1. Hey David, you took out time to read my article, I am really thankful. Stay in touch

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