How do SUCCESSFUL people think

How do successful people think?



How SUCCESSFUL people think?


How do successful people think?

                                Mystery solved.

What makes successful people “successful”? How do they get so rich in comparatively shorter span of time?  How do they do things? How do they think?  How can I be like them? How can I be successful?

If such questions constantly bother you, then trust me, this article is exclusively tailored for you.


Like you, I always wondered that how do these super successful people think, how do they do things.  I always searched for some magic formula or a spell to cast. It took me a while to realize that these people are just like you and me. They do the same thing like you and me, what is different is the way they think, perceive and approach the world.


“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at changes”

Let us see some crucial points which separates successful people than not so successful one.

  1. Different vision and Different approach: 

    1. Most important of all the points I’m going to mention.

    What is the biggest difference between us and successful people is that we always try to figure out things based on some algorithm or a fixed pattern, we tend to work according to fixed patterns while successful people don’t have a pattern, they wait and think before approaching a problem, see how others are doing it and then come out with some different method. It takes time but when it hit the market, it hit the market very hard often termed as a revolutionary idea. Like millions of dollars are spent on treatment of diseases or in some cases, epidemics by our states but at first place no one tries to come up with a solution to eradicate the pathogen causing that disease. Those who do come up with a method get their names recorded in history with golden letters. Bookish knowledge hardly leads to success because they were designed to solve problems which existed ten years back, now those books are irrelevant because those problems don’t exist anymore. So to be recognized today, you have to be little different.

  2. Think before taking actions:

    According to a research conducted by an organization, it was found that the most common trait all successful people share is that they are highly strategic. They tend to spend their 80% energy in most important and highly prioritized work. Moreover, they avoid multitasking because multitasking instead of doing well reduces our efficiency by 40%. They don’t settle for the first thought that comes in their mind related to certain topic because thoughts need time to develop and they believe in rethinking till they get a secured feeling.

    Their thought process works like this

          1: Break the issue.

    2: ask why the problem needs to be solved.

     3: identify key issues.

     4: review resources.

    5: put right people at right places.

  3. Open and broad mind, always ready for new ideas:

They value others ideas and opinions.  They don’t believe in cultural or racial discrimination instead they focus on obtaining useful knowledge from anywhere possible without bothering about its source. They focus on collaborating with more talented people across the globe and learning things from them


4.Different lifestyle:

Most important thing is they don’t waste time instead they invest it. They have agendas for day, week, month and year. They are long term player. They pursue reflective lifestyle. Self analysis is a must for them. At the end of the day they tend to evaluate how much productive their day was. moreover they focus on Being Rich instead of Looking Rich

They dream big but take small realistic actions towards it. They are fearless and confident with new ideas. They apply and work for new ideas, they fail in them, they experience setbacks but they see that more as a wonderful learning opportunity than a disaster



Always be curious and passionate. When one has a dream and enough guts to pursue it, he does everything in his power to realize it. Automatically his lifestyle changes and become productive without even noticing.  Even major setbacks don’t throw him off track because for him excitement of winning is more than the fear of failure. In a nutshell, Dream, dare, do. Be passionate and curious because most of the success stories start with a crazy question.

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