stunning reasons why haters are your best well wishers

Mind Blowing Reasons why your haters are your best well wishers

Why does Josh hate me?

Why does Emma always try to pull my leg?


I am sick of Mary, why does she hate me?

I am done with Eric, that jerk always try to embarrass me in front of all.


Sound familiar, don’t they?

Yeah the names might be different but the context of the questions remains same. In this strange and beautiful world we have an appropriate tag for such people, with love; we call them “HATERS”

Hate is very contagious; it spreads like a wildfire, especially when you’re succeeding in chasing your goals and dreams.

The obvious question arises that why do they hate us, well, honestly it’s just an emotion, like love it also can’t be defined by set of words. But for your sake, I researched this topic.

Basically hate arises when:

  • You have that desirable quality that hater don’t have
  • You are more popular than him/her
  • You are luckier than him/her and don’t deserve what you have been given (don’t blame me, it’s his psychology)
  • You have a better life than his and he is unsatisfied or has bad past experience that drives him/her to do so.
  • He/she is simply a crack head and jerk who derives pleasure doing so.



Every possibility can be grouped in these five categories/points. I personally love the 5th one, but all other reasons are legit and valid.

But let’s give this article a twist. What if I tell you, your hater is your best well-wisher?

Okay, okay, don’t lose your mind. See why this is true.



stunning reasons why haters are your hidden well wishers




Stunning reasons why haters are your hidden well wishers




Insanely increases your productivity.


Though it sounds like the weirdest reason ever proposed, but it is 100% true.  Last time when you were humiliated at work by a co-worker or someone made fun of you at school, what was your initial reaction?  Anger? Hate? Hurt? Fighting back? Or maybe mixture of all.

We can’t blame verbal stabbings and fist fighting that take place mostly after that, its natural reaction and little exciting too, but after that scenario we mark that particular hater in our hate-list, and in order to prove him wrong, or to make him/her envy us more, we increase our efforts in our work and projects, be it a high school or work place. Keeping it real, we give our best to our work so that it becomes so shiny that it pierces the eyes of hater, natural hateful reaction; don’t blame yourself to be cruel. It happens with everyone. In the process, we forget to acknowledge, but we have increased our productivity insanely. Chasing the reason to prove that person wrong, we beat many others in this rat race of success.


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They make you tough



Your haters make you tough and thick-skinned person, which are some of the most required qualities to be successful entrepreneurs  nowadays. Initially we get hurt when we face hateful slurs, we agitate and destroys our peace of mind, some of us even get disturbed by the incident for many days. But gradually we get used to it, and many a times we are prepared for the worst. We start to ignore them, simply because they are jerks. And in the process we don’t even realize but our patience and ability to remain cool and calm in drastic situations increase, we become mentally tough, and thick-skinned.




They propel you to test your limits.


In order to prove our hater wrong, we work night and day. As Cristiano Ronaldo said in an interview,

“I need my haters, their hate propels me to cross my limits and be the best version of myself. What I am today is because of my haters. “

We chase only one goal, to prove our haters wrong. In doing so, we don’t care about night and day, we shed our fear to cross our limits, making us limitless.

Once you become fearless, your life become limitless.Being limitless is the best version of ourselves, and they help to bring the best out of ourselves.

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They make you wise and practical.

Whenever we get humiliated, we mark the incident and person.  But along with that we get little smarter and develop a practical approach also. Our brain subconsciously register the entire incident, the person who ridiculed us, people who were laughing, person/people who supported you, the way you felt and the emotions that developed, every single detail.  This not only help you to be better at trusting people, understanding their psychology and qualities but also you develop a practical and less emotional approach towards world. These qualities are most demand-able qualities in corporate world.



They are the best motivator.





They are the best motivator in life, better than any article, better than any life coach, better than any motivational video.

Why are they our best well-wisher?

Because they give us a reason to be our best. A reason is what we need to make a dent in the universe. A strong reason can easily get rid of your social media addiction; can banish your procrastination, can help you bring out the best in you.

Next time you encounter your hater, don’t forget to thank them. Remember this line, it will work like magic.


“Dear Hater, I am flattered that I am always a trending topic in your life”

They are blessing in disguise.  And you still blame them for giving you hard time.


I hope this article may have evolved your perceptions.


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  1. Interesting points you made in this post/article. Psychologically it all makes sense eventhough it may not feel that way emotionally at the time. Still…very good.

  2. Hi Anant! Great read! I was thinking “haters are my motivators” like rap songs say, and then you also made that point! No but seriously, it is sort of like how the best way to push someone to do something is to tell them you don’t think they can. Works for me at least, every time! Thanks again, I enjoyed the read!

    1. Thanks a lot Meg! I am glad you took out time to read this creation. Your words mean a lot

  3. At first the topic felt ironic but you nailed your points.I totally agree with you, haters can really be a pain in the ass but actually they make you become and upgraded version of yourself.

    1. Thanks a Lot Mudathir, I am glad I could be helpful

  4. Interesting! It is kind of a different perpective of seeing things. Nice!

    1. Thanks a lot Jovanne. I am glad I could present something interesting.

    1. Thanks a lot Yellowbonewonda

  5. This was very interesting and i have to say, I agree with it. You just have to turn the negatives into positives. thanks for sharing!

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