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Rising Blogger Awards – Madison Russell

In Rising Blogger Awards, I try to find those emerging bloggers who have a different vision, who see the world in their own unique way, are more sorted about life principles and have guts to present their ideas and advises in front of all boldly. Rising blogger awards are for those who dare to take control of their lives and guide others and add value to their reader’s life either by their knowledge or their experience.

College is the first step towards a totally independent life, our life. It’s the phase of our life when we discover ourselves, explore the world, understand people, analyze the notions of living, break the stereotypes and form our principles of living. No doubt college life is exciting, but we all can agree that it is intimidating in its own way. And, it feels like bliss if we have someone of our age, who understands our problems, our worries, is familiar with our mindset and is there for us to guide us through all the bewilderment college life tosses in our way.


Thankfully, I came across someone who was just perfect, who had all the qualities that one looks for in a guide and a friend.

Madison Russell is one of those few, who have all those qualities and is gifted with talent to make things easy and create a magical effect by her thoughts, words and writings.

She’s the owner of theblondelifestyle.com, I highly recommend everyone, to go check out her website. Because I am sure you won’t get good and unique contents as hers anywhere else.

We don’t come across such people every day. I came across one and no way was I ready to let go this golden opportunity to hear her thoughts and present it in front of all my readers so that they can learn something new. Learning from experience and people is the best way to learn.



Madison Russell is the owner of theblondelifestyle.com



She works at Starbucks, Famous Footwear, and then Love and Life Photography as an assistant. Her website is Adsense approved, Media.net approved. She has successfully made into affiliate marketing.


Here is the un-edited interview where I got a chance to hear her thoughts on some of the rising issues and questions.


Rising Blogger Awards – Madison Russell




Me:  I have read your blog. Firstly it was amazing as I always say. There was a post where you talked about ever changing life and losing high school friends. Losing people is never easy, be it a friend or someone from family, how would you advice juniors to cope up with fastly isolating life and losing people.

Because What I personally feel, as soon as we start succeeding towards achieving our goals, we start to lose people exponentially

So I would like to know how to cope up with that?


Madison: Moving from one town to another when I moved to college wasn’t easy. As my senior year of high school progressed I could feel my relationships with friends growing more distant as their lives began to change. They were evolving and so was I. There are several people I’ve lost contact with but their friendship and advice they have given me helped me grow in one way or another. Yes, they are no longer in my life, but their presence during that time made me who I am today. I miss some of those people very dearly, but perhaps they are not in my life for a reason. People come and go in your life and I have had to learn to accept that my time with them is up and focus on growing new and longer lasting relationships.


Me: That’s one of the hardest realizations and I am glad you accepted it.

You work extensively, from blogging to Starbucks and then you have to study also. So in such a busy schedule, how do you plan things and how do you take out some ‘Me’ time?


Madison: Honestly, my ‘Me’ time is blogging. Writing for TheBlondeLifestyle is a way for my voice to be heard when I feel trapped in my life, whether that be with work or school. I love lying in bed with my laptop open dreaming up a new post or social media image. Other than blogging I’m a big YouTube nerd. No one would ever guess this about me but I love watching gaming videos and Buzzfeed’s ‘Worth It’ series. Those are my guilty pleasures.


Me: You are a snack queen if I am right, and it’s obvious you love to eat.

We are observing a change in today’s society where there is a wild propagation of the thought and someone’s perception that only slim girls or muscular guys are the best, which unknowingly is leading to development of body shaming, insecurities and low self-confidence, which not only ruins life of victims but also snatches many joys of life. What do you have to say on this? What’s your comment?


Madison:  I’m glad you asked this question!

My opinion is that we as a society should let people live the way they live until it’s at an unhealthy or life threatening point in someone’s life. A good percentage of us were not given a choice with our appearance that was the work of genetics. I believe our appearances do not define who we are. Our bodies are merely vessels to keep our souls intact and that’s all. No body or shape is superior to any other and I don’t think anyone should change themselves or eat a certain way if that’s not what they want. If you love to eat, GO FOR IT, because I sure do, haha.


Rising Blogger Awards



Me: You’re a writing major, no wonder you are professional. Anyone can tell it by the quality of your posts. Your posts also guides many young people and advise them on how to deal with particular situations. So it would be very interesting to know what the best advice our favorite blogger got was.


Madison: My first job I ever worked for, I was their youngest employee. I knew I wanted to be a journalist then so I often job shadowed their photographer and Public Relations manager. The best advice they gave me was to build up your skillset, and to try to be as well rounded as possible. I’m happy to say TheBlondeLifestyle has helped me build several of my skillsets! From time management, to coding, to managing social media, I’ve learned so many things! I advise anyone to take the time to build up their skills whether it is cooking or photography, etc. It looks great on a resume and can help you beat out the competition if you’re looking a job.


Me:  You have lived/ have been living with six members in dorm room where sharing a common bathroom was a problem. You dealt with it successfully. Also you and everyone else made a dorm room list, schedule of work, held meetings, created a Facebook group for proper coordination and learned to respect one another’s privacy. Also like you said, you all didn’t knew each other well, at least not enough to make a twitter page on it like the girls next to your dorm did. Dealing with all these things on your own, what life lesson have you learned?


Madison: My freshman year of college taught me more than I’ve learned in my entire lifetime. I learned that sometimes life isn’t going to go your way. You’re going to have to face things you don’t want to deal with and solve problems and overcome obstacles you never thought you’d come to face. I can’t tell you how many times I called home crying because I was having problems with classes or roommates, but I stuck with it all. Things may be terrible at the time, but eventually it won’t. If you persevere, you can come out so much stronger and knowledgeable. I don’t regret a single tear or phone call because it made me a better person.


Me: There is a saying that everything happens for a reason, which sooner or later brings something good in our life. It was indeed true for your case. Now the next question

Greek life, sororities and fraternities is an attraction for fresher in college, it’s sometimes good to get involved in groups but sometimes during vetting, pledging and competition, some people develop jealousy, hatred and malice. What do you think of it and what advice you have for our readers?


Madison:  Rush week is one of the most stressful weeks for students looking into Greek life. There is a lot of competition and sometimes people don’t get the houses they wanted. During the first day of rush my top sorority dropped me! I was definitely upset but I knew there was a reason for it. I wasn’t a good fit for them and sometimes people aren’t cut out for Greek life, and I wouldn’t get too caught up on it. I know plenty of people who were cut from Greek life. It hurt them because they felt they didn’t belong, but in the end they got involved in other clubs or groups that were a better fit for them. I say if you don’t make it, don’t worry, and trust the process. You can also always try again the next semester or year and perhaps you’ll make it then! Again: Trust the process. It works out the way it should!


Me:  Life is not limited to books and studies. Actually life starts when we step out of this stored knowledge, when we start to explore world on our own. What do you have to say to our ‘explorers’? What notions they might have to break while interacting with different people?


Madison: Try everything! I felt so sheltered in my home town, so any chance I got I explored. I tried new foods, I hung out with new people, and I did some extraordinary things! You learn from experiences and college is the best time to find yourself. Going to college, however, you’re going to meet a lot of people from different backgrounds and ethnicity. My biggest advice is to keep an open mind. You may not agree with everything your classmates say or believe but if you can’t listen to what they have to say you won’t get anywhere. Almost all my roommates had very differing views from mine. I could’ve shut them down and refused to let them express their beliefs, but I took the time to listen and understand why they believed the things they did. You can gain a lot of respect from doing so.


Me:  You made some good decisions while choosing college, Missouri State University indeed is best for ya as it suits your requirements. You are enjoying because you made some right decisions.

To achieve something in life, one should have a good decision making power and should learn to say no. Since it is the last question, I will be giving you all the space to express your views vividly on this topic so that it can guide others.


Madison:  Learning to say no is so important at this point in my life. As much as I would love to commit and do everything, I’m only one person. If I said yes to every person who asked me to do something, I wouldn’t have much of a life! I would spend all my time trying to please other people while neglecting my needs. I work three jobs, and if I said yes every single time one of my bosses asked me to cover a shift, I’d go crazy! It is 100% okay to tell someone no. Do I feel bad when I say no to someone? Of course I do! But I would go insane working that many hours!


Me:  At last if you want to share some of your personal experience that led to the development of this (theblondelifestyle.com) beautiful blog or want to thank someone, you can mention that here. It can be a good platform. Your choice


Madison: I always wanted to start a blog but I never felt that anyone would care to hear what I had to say. I had all these doubts swimming in my head and I just felt like I couldn’t do it.

My friend Nathan from MSU was very supportive of my blog dreams and inspired me to move forward with them. Without his motivation I don’t think this blog would even exist! I’d also like to thank my high school journalism teacher Mrs. G for pushing me to achieve my dreams. All throughout high school she pushed me to achieve THE BEST, and as far as I know, I never disappointed her.

Me: Special Thanks to Nathan and Mrs. G for motivating Madison and giving us such a talent.



At the last, I have something for you, here’s it


Rising Blogger Awards


Madison: It’s so nice! I will surely keep it. Thanks a lot.

Me: Thanks for your time.

Interview ends here



Drop in the comments how you all felt about this interview, what you learned and what else you want to be sorted.

I usually handpick such talented bloggers, but if you have a suggestion for someone, or if you believe you have worthy contents, feel free to ping me. I will be glad to know you.

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