Rising Blogger Award.

Starting a website is pretty easy, register a domain and buy a hosting and you are all set to go. But the hard part is to maintain it, and harder is to establish it as a brand, to maintain its quality and good user experience. As a Blogger, I can say that we all put our best efforts in our blogs and websites. Some hire professionals for technical work while some short on budget like me have to do it themselves. What I felt is one can easily search for technical solutions and tutorials on internet, there are tons of sites and people who are there to guide you, but what is hard to get is the experience and advises from bloggers who started a blog from scratch and reached a stable position.

And keeping this thought in my mind I started this entrepreneur’s column, where you will be served everything you need to grow as a blogger.


Recently I had a chance to catch up with one of the best rising tech blogger.

Shekhar Vaidya, he is the owner of www.techlatest.in


Started blogging at an early age, he has successfully managed to create a best tech platform which is adsense approved, media.net approved, Amazon affiliate approved and Bing news approved. Not only this, he is the member of some of the best blogging networks.




I managed to have his interview where he expressed his views on questions all newbies are interested in.  Here’s a detail account of our interview

Rising Blogger Award

Rising Blogger award interview – Shekhar Vaidya




Me: Thanks a lot Shekhar for taking out time for our interview. Being a blogger is never easy, what people see is the 20% of work that bloggers do.

So being a busy blogger, how do you structure your day? How do ya plan it to gain maximum efficiency?


Shekhar: Well if I speak honestly, I keep things flexible. Like schedule was different when I was in school, it’s different when I am free now and it will be different when I will be in college. What I feel is some time sticking to a hard schedule reduces efficiency instead of increasing it. So, one should be flexible with his routine. If talk about blog posts, I keep a track of latest trends, do a lot of surfing and keep myself updated, I try to give the best to the audience, something that they haven’t read so far


Me: Even I agree to that. Moving to our next question, there are many days when we feel overwhelmed, irritated and frustrated when things don’t go our way. Like when we have planned a blog post but because of some technical or personal issues we couldn’t post it, such situations leads to frustration. I am pretty sure this might have happened to you too. So how do ya manage it?


Shekhar:  It’s simple; I don’t feel overwhelmed or irritated. I am a tech blogger but still I do not have a big brand name. So I am not worried about the fierce competition that very big names face. Although I try my best to maintain regularity, but if due to some reasons I am not able to post, I do not lose my mind



Me: What would you have done differently if you knew then what you know now?


Shekhar: I try something new every day. I do designing, posting and all the technical works related to my website. So in a way I have no experience of that thing before and it’s something new to me.  So talking about difference, I don’t think I would have done something differently



Me: What’s the best advice you ever received?


Shekhar: the best advice I received was two-three months back. I was very busy due to exams and all and was not able to give the required amount of time to my website, so I put out the words and ads of hiring an editor for the page; I was ready to share my 45% of income with him. So a guy with much bigger name and strata in tech blogging industry contacted me and advised me to handle the page by myself. He said that I should wait till I establish a renowned brand in the market. Because we learn something new daily, so if I maintain my website by myself, by doing so not only I can keep a check on my website but also could evolve and grow. That advice was something I felt was really good.


Me: That’s indeed true. We don’t realize but every day we become better than yesterday. And In internet career, there’s always something new to learn and grow. And the best way to learn is by doing that thing.


Shekhar: Exactly, you got my point.


Me: What is still your biggest challenge? Either personal or professional, it can be a habit or a professional hurdle.


Shekhar: I really want to establish my website as a brand. I want that people should immediately recognize my website if someone mention the word “techlatest” So that is my biggest challenge. I know things take time and I am willing to spend it. It’s something I am very passionate about.


Me: That will surely come true one day. I am more confident than you.


Shekhar: Ha ha ha, I wish. Thanks for your support.


Me: So here is the next question. How do you refresh yourself? I have noticed that people are very much interested in knowing how busy and successful people refresh themselves?  Do you watch movies, or read books? What do you do?


Shekhar: First of all, I am not that successful. Now your answer, I do not get time to watch movies, but I love watching cartoons. Cartoon network was much better in our days. Ah! Good old days. I do not watch daily soaps, so all I do is to tune in to cartoon network or Disney, put my laptop in front of it and work while watching cartoons.  Everyone have a different way of relaxing.


Me: Even I love cartoons, mine favorite is Tom and Jerry and Baby Looney Toons, if someone remembers it.

Now the question I am going to ask is I feel is very important. What’s your best advice for handling criticism?


Shekhar: I don’t feel like I have faced any major hate-wave yet. My work is admired by many so far. But yes, we all have faced little leg-pulling and doubting. I remember when I started blogging; I was criticized by few people. You know they used to say like” You won’t make anything out of it” or” Its nothing but a waste of time” I simply ignored it. You know this is my life, not theirs, so all the decisions will be taken by me. I love blogging and I do it.  Don’t need permission or any appreciation from them to carry on my work. I love it, I do it.


Me: Yes ignoring is the best way. I also find it useless to waste my energy on those who don’t matter.


Me: What was your biggest hurdle when you started blogging and How do you overcome it?


Shekhar: WordPress and blogger are the two big giants of blogging industry. I started my blogging career with the latter. Blogging on blogger was way too easy compared to wordpress. Everything from indexing to blog maintenance was handled by Google. So we don’t not have to put some extra efforts to reach the audience. But wordpress is completely different platform; there is a lot of technical things like on-page and off-page seo, webmaster tools etc to deal with. So when I started, I didn’t had any guide or ‘Guru’. So I feel like I have come far and I have achieved something, not a big achievement but something.


Me: It is hard, to start without a mentor. This field requires a teacher and a guide. Moving onto our next question, creating and publishing a blog post is only 20% of the total work, almost 40% is researching and 40% is marketing. How do you balance work and family demands?


Shekhar: For this, I wanna thank my family for being really supportive. They don’t pressurize me to do other useless stuffs. Instead they provide me with every comfort possible so that I can do my work. They encourage me to do what I love so I am really thankful to my family.




Me: As everyone say, save best for the last. I have one of the most asked questions by newbies.


What Advice would you like to give to newbies for making money from blogging?


Shekhar: I would like to say that if you are looking for Instant money, Long-term blogging is something that is not for you. Instead target micro-blogging. It pays off really well. But yes if you are passionate and want to establish your brand, pursue long term blogging. I never started blogging for money; I started it because I loved it. Money is something that came in the process. So don’t focus on money, instead focus on delivering quality contents to readers. Be passionate and don’t give up. Things will come by your way.


ME: With this question I would like to end the interview, and here is something I have for you.


Rising Blogger award


Shekhar: That’s awesome. Really. Thanks for this. I am going to put it on my website.

Interview ends here




I feel like the best way to learn is to learn from someone who have gone through the process we are going through and who have experience regarding to this particular field.

There will be more interviews in future. You will get fresh content on regular basis.

Important: Check out Shekhar Vaidya’s website here. 

www.techlatest.in                                                Facebook Profile


Usually we hand-pick people for interviews but if you know someone worthy enough, feel free to contact us. Our social media handles can be found on this website.


Feel free to tell us what you want to learn next. Just drop it in comments and we will get back to you.






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