Letter to my 20-year-old self

Finally, school is over. I was one of the millions of graduates from batch 2007. Ten years passed by swiftly. I can’t help but feel a little old. A lot had happened in that span of time which condescends the idea that it went by so fast. As I look back how a decade living outside the premises of my former university, there are things I’d like to tell my 20-year-old self who was so happy that day waiting for his turn to march on stage.




Hello Gerald,


I know you slept well after writing that heartfelt letter for Inay and Tatay last night. Good job. They deserve all the thank yous and I love yous for all the sacrifices they made for you to be where you are right now.

Today is the day that you’ve been waiting for so long and you’ve been working hard for. The day when one of your dreams will come true. It is not only your dream that will be fulfilled but your proud parents’ too. It is indeed a family affair. Enjoy it.

Don’t forget your camera. Take a lot of photos. You will always look back on this day and it will only through photos that you will remember how wide your cheeky grin was. Listen to the speaker and fewer chit-chats with Aylnn andFatz. You’ve been seatmates for four years. Aren’t you tired of each other?

On a serious note, today also marks the start of your real adulthood. You are now one of the millions in search of a job. Welcome to the rat race. Welcome to the real world. Welcome to the adult life



Tough times ahead


You might soon realize that it is not easy living off of your daily allowance. Gone are the splurging and shopping spree and welcome to budgeting. You’ve been blessed to live a rather easy life compared to others but hey, it will not always be like that. Life is a never-ending learning process. It doesn’t stop from school or the four corners of your classroom. Bigger lessons are up ahead, be ready for it.

Do not dwell on the fact that you missed Latin honors because of a mere decimal. Your transcript and academic achievements will only matter on your first few interviews, on your first year out of university. It will soon be obsolete and what will matter most is your experience and skills. Equip yourself more.

You’ve been quite a competitive kid growing up. Use it to your advantage. You will see that the world outside of school is extremely competitive and it is inevitable. You might face cut-throat situations but always remember that your biggest competition will always remain yourself. Don’t waste your energy beating the person next to you. You will always inferior as there will always be someone ahead of you. Focus your energy on improving yourself. Be a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday.


Fear No More

Don’t let your fears control your decisions. Take risks. Do not be afraid to fail. Be it in your career or love life, be bold. You must learn that there is really no wrong decision in life. Every decision that you make is the right decision. If you knew that it is wrong, you wouldn’t make that decision anyway. Right? Whatever is the outcome, just be the adult that you are now and own it.

I know you are eager to see what lies ahead of you and where your fate will lead you. You might have heard that roads may be rough and bumpy. You must know as well that it is never straight. Sometimes, you will find yourself in a maze and you will grow tired running circles. It is ok to feel frustrated at times but use that as a fuel to be more passionate about what you do. Dreams don’t come true overnight. Don’t stop until you realize that dream.

Take it slow. Despite being on a race, you should not hurry. Enjoy the journey. More importantly, learn from your journey. Eventually, you will reach that finish line.be sure that once you cross that line, you have nothing but valuable lessons and not regrets and what ifs.

It is an exciting life ahead and I can’t wait for you to experience all that is in store for you. Whatever road you take, and wherever it might lead you, I hope that your decisions will make your future self proud .

Make me proud. Always.

Congratulations and best of luck!


Your 30 year old self








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