How to leave the past behind and move on

How to leave the past behind and move on

How to leave the past behind and move on? Like me, I am pretty sure that most of us want a permanent solution for the pain, past memories inflict on us.

The guilt, the regrets, the hatred for self, feeling all alone even when surrounded by everyone, the desperate desire to be set free from the loads of things that have happened, is what we all have gone through and some of us might be going through. I have been haunted by the painful past memories, they still sometimes creep into my systems to sabotage my beautiful productive day, so dear you, when I say that I feel you, I feel what you go through each and every day, trust me, it’s true to the core.


Getting stuck in the past is like getting stuck in a loop of regrets of choices that didn’t go well, nothing new any time, just same low feeling making you heavier each time. While we remain stuck in that loop, reliving our regrets, life passes by. Opportunities come, present themselves, even wave with their hands open sometimes, and then, ultimately leave. When we finally start to get over things, we realize what a horrific damage it has done to us, our mental health and our career.

We all have a past, and that past could be the reason many of us can’t seem to breakthrough in life. We all go through those stages in our lives where we spent so much time dwelling on our past that we fail to see the new opportunities that are presenting themselves daily.

There may have been many opportunities lost or mistakes made, but those will never return, so we need to let go and go after those opportunities that are constantly presenting themselves to us. The future is the place we can repair all the damages we have done to our life


Here are 7 simple and practical ways to leave the past behind and move on




Respect your past mistake


How to leave the past behind and move on


Sounds odd? Obviously yes.

The thing that held you back for so long, should be forgotten. Shouldn’t it be so?

But at the same time isn’t this true that your past is what is solely responsible for the person you have become. A stronger, better version of yourself. You definitely won’t accept it at first, but it is the truth, your past made you a much better person than you were before. This is how life is, it first gives you test and then teaches you lesson.




Do not let mistakes be your story


How to leave the past behind and move on


If you are constantly being reminded of the mistakes you made, you will make the things you did, your life story. You never want some of the best times of your life to be overshadowed by your mistakes, which were only a very small portion of your life. If you were asked to write the story of your life, would your past mistakes be the majority of the story? I guess not, so leave the past in the past and move on


Do not devalue your achievements


When you spend your time regretting the past, you are ignoring and diminishing all that you have achieved because the past mistakes are the ones that get all the credit. Focus on your achievements and not on the mistakes and in turn you will realize that your mistakes were not that serious. Your focusing on them makes them bigger than they truly are.


Do not ruin your present because of your past

How to leave the past behind and move on


Instead of sugar coating, I will prefer to say the harsh truth. Doesn’t matter how bad and fu#ked up your past was, the truth is it has happened. It is a fixed point in your life now. A concrete point in your life that you have left behind. And, here is the catch. A fix point in your life that you have left behind. What had to happen had happened, lessons have been learnt. Now, it doesn’t matter how hard you try, how angry you be with yourself or how much deep you dive into the self-loath, it won’t change. In fact, because of it, you are failing to live your present life at its full extent, causing nothing more than damage to yourself. Hence, it is better to leave the past behind and move on.

How to leave the past behind and move on
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Don’t forget the lesson from your past


For many of us our mistakes are how we define ourselves. You must remember your mistakes aren’t who you are.  Do not miss the lessons to be learned from those things that are now not important in your life Your mistakes are only part of the learning process. The messages in your past are to be used to build yourself a future that is rich, happy and successful.



Forgive and let go

How to leave the past behind and move on

Although it sounds so illogical, but if you truly want to be happy, you have to learn to let go. You have to forgive, not forget. Forgive the people that caused you that pain, forgive the one who left you and let go of whatever happened. Take a day off, sit back, relax with someone you think care for you, remember everything, recall everything, if the person is trustable, just tell everything, let that wounds be shown, just say whatever you have been holding back and just let go. Trust me, do it. You will feel dramatic positive changes in your life.

Holding things back do more damage to you than to anyone else, that’s why forgiveness is more important to us than to anyone else.


Use your past mistakes to help others


This is the final step that will help you to get over things completely. Nothing feels more relieving than helping someone who is going through the exact same thing you have gone through. You genuinely feel happy, you feel relaxed, you feel light. I have tried this and yes, it does work. Why do you think I decided to become a content creator and formed this website?



Just remember, you can never connect the dots looking forward, you can always connect them looking backwards.


How to leave the past behind and move on
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Things happening with you might not be making sense to you right now, but one day you will realize that it was an important step in your success ladder.

Everyday is a new day, so make a fresh start every morning.

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