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History of Body Language- Why our mind successfully fakes lies while our body can’t.


body language

History of Body Language.

The history if body language is very ancient.  It dates back to the Stone Age when primitive humans used body signals for communicating to one another. It remained medium of expression for a very long time until spoken language got evolved. Over the long period human body perfected complex pattern gestures. To explain the message whole human body orchestrated supporting gestures to second the principal gesture or signal.

During this vast period some principal gestures seem to have been genetically imprinted. As we see, an infant with no training shakes his head sideways to convey disapproval, smiles to express pleasure and a scowling face makes it cry.


Since the evolution of spoken language many of the body gestures were given up for being distractions. But all the gestures did not get obliterated as they were too deeply ingrained in our genetic systems. While speaking our hands automatically make moves and shapes to support the spoken words like illustrations picturise the books and articles. The facial expression and the other body movements also do their part.

The hand undoubtedly is the paragon of body language as it was during the Stone Age. Some part of that primitive training survives in a corner of our subconscious minds which goes on directing the body to interpret the thought in its own language of gestures independently. A man is likely to tell a lie through the spoken words but body gestures do not necessarily support that lie. This is the most fascinating aspect of the body language. Somehow the subconscious mind which orchestrates goes on revealing the true intently and real feelings of a speaker irrespective of the meaning of the words being spoken.

That is why sometimes a person says something but his gestures don’t support him. In fact they contradict him revealing the truth.


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