hand shake

Hand shakes- saying it with Hands and Arms

Hand shakes.

When two persons shake hands some basic character of the person get displayed. The basic tendencies being domination, submission and equality. These get transmitted through handshakes subconsciously and will reflect in their relationship in future.

What different hand shakes mean?

The attitude of the hand shakers are generally guided by the spirit of the positions of palm. Take a look at the illustrations below.



hand shake

The hand in the right has dominated the other hand and taken control. The hand on the right has accepted the domination.



hand shake


In this picture the left hand has surrendered the control and has taken submissive position.


hand shake


Here both the palms of handshaking hands are vertical. No hand is taking control and no hand is in submissive role. It is a healthy and respectful hand shake between two equals.


How do two equally dominating persons shake hands?

When two equally dominating persons shake hands, a symbolic struggle to take control of the other person takes place.  Take a look at following illustrations


hand shake


A person on the left deliberately offers this position of handshake to take control over the person on the right.


hand shake

The other person is equally determined not to submit. He works out a clever strategy.  He accepts this handshake position from a distance. At the same time takes a step forward


hand shake


The hand at the left gets pushed back. In the process the hand at the right turns the handshake into vertical position.


hand shake

Another way to outwit palm offer is to hold the person’s wrist right away by passing the stretched hand. But it’s an aggressive act. So, be careful.




hand shake


A hand extended forward full length with a straightened arms means the person desires to keep the other person at an arm’s distance. The close relationship is not sought.



hand shake


Some people offer only fingertips for other r person to grab. It shows the person’s lack of self confidence or he does not trust the other person fully. There’s some apathy




hand shakes


Some handshakes try to pull the other person towards them with tugs. It reveals their desire to establish closer bonds with the other one who is reluctant or diffident.



hand shakes


The pomfret hand of some people feels like a lump of cold flesh giving the other person the feeling of holding a dead pomfret, Cold and greasy. There’s complete lack of warmth and welcome


But don’t jump to conclusions too fast. People who use their hands in delicate professions like that of a surgeon, artist or musician offer this kind of handshakes to protect their hands.


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