Guaranteed body language tips to crack job interviews

Guaranteed body language tips to crack job interviews is something we all need when we face one of the hardest time of our career, the job selection. While we are getting questioned about something we know nothing about, we can smartly fake answers even though we are super nervous, but what about our body language? Our body language gives it away. So to save you from rejection and to get all odds in your favor we will discuss powerful and guaranteed body language tips to crack job interviews.


Guaranteed body language tips to crack job interviews




Guaranteed body language tips to crack job interviews



Make a good entrance and show the good side


Yes, most of the people try to show all their learned techniques only when sitting in the interview room, which surely increases their chance of rejection. Always remember, interviewers are always one step ahead of you, many a times interviewers take reviews from receptionists and sometimes they even plant people on your way to interview room, so that they can easily judge who you truly are! Mind-boggled, aren’t you? So make it a strong point, always make a positive entrance and show your good side to anyone whom you meet that interview day, you never know whose reviews can turn out to be the  game changer.



Work on your walk


It’s 100% proven fact that boost your selection chances by 306%. Try to blend in the way other office workers walk. It will show that you are easily adjustable and you fit the company atmosphere.




Use power posture and sit all the way back in the seat


Guaranteed body language tips to crack job interviews

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What’s power posture? It’s an authoritative body posture commonly identified by straight back, attentive seating positions with arms open and firm confidence look on the face. Try to sit relaxed and straight in the seat. Also, if provided to choose between comfy or wooden (tough) seat, go for the wooden, because it is hard to maintain good body posture in comfy seats.




Go for Face Contact instead of Eye contact


Many people try to maintain a direct eye contact with interviewers, not their fault, it’s a basic of good body language BUT it’s not suited for interviews for jobs and visas. It might instill a sense of satisfaction in your mind because you’re following proper body language trick, but direct eye contact for a long time looks creepy and many a times scares the shit out of other person. Instead of eye contact, go for face contact. Try to shift your focus from his eyes to his nose, then shift it to lips, then to cheeks and then to eyes, repeat the cycle and you will definitely create a positive feeling.



Speak slowly and use hand gestures


Most of us, while giving interviews starts to panic, stammer or starts to speak very fast and hastily, not our fault, our nervousness get expressed in our tone and voice. To avoid it from happening, inhale and speak while exhaling, this will change your hasty tone to relaxed tone (You can try it now!) solving all the problems. Also try to find a good way to place your hands, don’t put them in the pockets, instead if you are unable to find a proper place, use them to make meaningful and relating gestures. This will add to your speech and make it more interesting, but don’t start to wave your hands too much.




Lean in and nod while listening.


Leaning and nodding while having a conversation gives a message loud and clear that you’re interested in whatever conversation taking place. Try to lean in occasionally when felt that important point is being discussed and try to nod. This will make whole conversation more connected and will drastically reduce your chance of rejection.




Hand shakes


Handshakes are the most important physical contact you will make with interviewers. Don’t shake hands with loose fingers or sweaty hands. It feels gross, trust me. Try to maintain a firm and right balance. Luckily I have made a whole blog post on body language of handshakes and their meaning.

Access it here: Speaking it with handshakes.




Art of departing


Always be conscious of the way you leave. If interviewer and you are leaving together, let him leave first and open door for him. I am sure that you don’t want to bang the door right in the nose of interviewers and leave the room first. Don’t be very hasty while leaving, follow proper way of walking. Don’t rush. Your depart matters as much as your entrance.





The mirror effect


It’s a top secret. You don’t have to follow any of the stated hacks if you follow only this one. Unlock it by any way comfortable. NOW!

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Guaranteed body language tips to crack job interviews

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Mirror effect is one of the cleverest hack. It’s simple and super effective. Just try to copy the body language of interviewers and people you meet in the company. This will send the message that you fit in the company atmosphere and you are just like them. Always remember, we love like-minded people and this trick does provide us with an easy way to achieve it.





Don’t try to fake it. Yes remain conscious about your body language but use it just to send out a positive message and not let it become a constant worry that drains your confidence and distract you much. Sometimes it is good to project natural reactions too.


I hope this article is helpful. Now share this with your friends and let them know the tricks on assuring their job selection.

Drop in the comments about your experience and we will discuss it together.

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