facebook content marketing strategies

Facebook content marketing strategies that bring results

Content marketing strategy is undoubtedly the most important thing a blogger has to worry about. It is simple, even if you write super useful article and it has no readers, it is worth nothing.  As a blogger I know the struggles to gain quality organic traffic, and from the struggles I have learned one thing which I am pretty sure you might have also realized, if you are a new blogger, you solely can’t rely on organic traffic for conversions and sales. Yes, if you are a well-established blogger which I assume you are not, organic traffic might be your primary source of earnings.

One can’t simply ignore big social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Google plus and instagram.



Because of the ocean of opportunities they offer. Facebook is arguably the leading giant of social media world, doesn’t matter how much ups and downs it faces, it still manages to top the rank chart at the end of the day.

 According to Facebook release on 5/3/17 it has 1.94 billion active users per month with growth rate of 18 percent.

facebook content marketing strategies



When I started using Facebook as content marketing tool, what I used to do was to spam my news feed, spam my page, spam the groups, and send lots of friend requests and join lots of groups, which every newbie do. I kept it doing for days and then one day, I tried to access my account and all it showed was your account has been taken down. Yes, Facebook took my account claiming detection of suspicious activity which was nothing but detection as a spammer. I submitted appeal but it bore no fruit. I switched to Livinvia, an alternative of Facebook, which I believe is still in its development phase, and then I realized that the flexibility, the wide scope and ease that Facebook offer is unmatchable.

I know this might be the story of many newbies and that’s why I came up with this post to help you all out so that you shouldn’t face what I faced.

Here is how you can increase your Facebook reach, be more influential, gain credibility and grow long term traffic without spending a penny.





Facebook content marketing strategies that fetch results






Use Big and HD images


People love visuals. There is a reason why we tend to choose magazines over novels, the reason is the glossy images and pictures. Use big HD images in your post update to attract attention. It was found in a data analysis that a Facebook post that includes images gets 121% more engagements than textual update. Just take a test yourself


facebook content marketing strategies




facebook content marketing strategies




Which was more attracting?


Obviously first one. You might barely notice the textual update in a flooded newsfeed.

If you are worried about HD royalty free images, here are the sites you can always visit for HD and free images.



Be genuinely helpful


Yes, your Facebook strategy won’t work if you are too concentrated on promoting yourself. People will see through it, mark you as a spam and your game is over. Instead focus on connecting with them, helping them and being a genuine version of you.

You want to be unique? Be helpful and honest, only few such personalities are left.

Though it might take some time to establish your goodwill, stick to it

Always remember “Haste makes Waste”

Strong connection will lead to stronger relations and stronger relations will lead to more engagements. Don’t be impatient, instead of short term profit focus on the big picture and long term goal.

I’ve tried the shortcut and I have tried this method and I know this works best.

Follow Pareto principle


Pareto principle is known by many names out of which 80/20 rule is widely known. Foundation of this principle is pretty straight forward

“80 percent of the effects come from 20 percent of the causes”

Analyze your stats to see what kind of posts perform best. You will be amazed by the fact that 80% of your total engagements will be from 20% of your total updates. When you know what kind of posts perform the best, you can easily optimize your posts accordingly.

Here is a complete blog post on how you can boost your traffic using Pareto principle

You can analyze your Facebook page stats using various tools available online. Here are some links to free services.

Buffer (few features are paid)

Sum all

Facebook business

Simply measured

 Automation to save time


Yes you can automate your social media accounts scheduling your posts so you can focus on other important work. While automation works best for twitter, Google plus, Linkedin and pinterest, I will personally recommend you not to use automation for Facebook and Instagram.

Why not to use automation for Facebook for Instagram?

Despite of various claims, Facebook and instagram can track scheduling and automation. Eventually you will result in a marked spammer. While you can use automation for shorter period of time, it is not advisable for long run. Moreover, automation lacks one vital thing – The Personal Touch

Here some automation apps I use




Embed short blog videos


With access to high speed internet all over the world, people are switching to video formats to promote their contents. We all are familiar with vlogging and live stream marketing. So, embedding a short blog video is always a good idea. You can post videos related to your niche. This is guaranteed way to increase your engagements. So don’t ignore it.


Skip the link


There’s no need to keep the link in the text of your post (unless you are posting a full sized image).

Make your update clean. Delete the link in your text before you post it. The image and summary of your article is clickable directly to your blog article.


Here’s what I mean:

Make your Facebook Status update, with the link to your blog article:


facebook content marketing strategies



Delete the link:


facebook content marketing strategies



Your update will have a clickable image, without the cluttered link:



facebook content marketing strategies


Share other people’s blog content


Though at first it might not sound like a good idea, but it is a good idea because not only this will strengthen your connection with owner of that blog but will also establish you as an updated blogger. So next time if you find a blog worth sharing, don’t hesitate or think twice.

Add strong CTA (Call to Action)


Yes, always add a strong CTA in your post. Be clear with what you want your audience to do and then ask them to do it. It always fetches result. CTAs can range from asking for a comment, asking to read an article to sharing your content. Content marketers often use nice and clever ways to implement CTAs. CTAs indirectly forces your audience to take your desired action

Here are some examples


facebook content marketing strategies



facebook content marketing strategies



facebook content marketing strategies




Even you might have visited this page by the links I have shared on social media.

That’s the power of Call to Action

Group participation


Group participation is a must for traffic. Not only you can share your contents with thousands of people but also you can meet with like minded bloggers. You can hence form new connections. But how to participate in a group is a matter of utmost importance. Here also work using Pareto principle, only 20% promotional and 80% helping and interacting with other fellow members. Always add value to the group instead of spamming links to your website.

Make a Facebook page


How do you think your audience will contact you if they want to see your blog or visit your site? Don’t expect them to search for your shared links to reach you. It is good to maintain a dedicated Facebook page for this purpose. It is very easy to make a Facebook page, you can always ask me or search Google for instructions.


If you have a marketing budget


Facebook ads


Using Facebook ads for targeted advertisement is a good option. You can set your daily budget and can advertise your page, your business or you can advertise your websites to get more clicks. The plus point with Facebook advertising is our ads are shown to targeted audience increasing chances of conversion. So, if you have a marketing budget, you can always plan to invest some of it in Facebook ads.




Facebook is a wonderful social media platform which is getting better day by day. If you don’t have a Facebook content marketing strategy, you don’t even have an idea of how much free traffic and sales opportunities you are leaving on the table. So my advice is to implement the discussed ways and stick to. It will take a significant amount of time to show growth but it is fool proof content marketing strategy that fetches result.


facebook content marketing strategies


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