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How to end loneliness and depression in 5 minutes

There is a duo of new serial killers roaming free in our society, Loneliness and depression. Victims of these killers often retire from the world to their own pain ingrained world and never return. Worse is the fact that these killers strike silently, no brutal murder or a wild chased shootout but a suffocating death more troubling than we can ever imagine.



While my starting lines may convey this message in little lighter way but the problem today I am going to discuss have penetrated its roots much deeper than we all have ever thought. In 2017 and recent past years death rate by suicide have spiked, by an alarming rate. The very recent case which left everyone in shock and awe was the death of the frontman of famous band Linkin Park. Chester Bennington ended his life by hanging, this news broke fans hearts all over the world. The singer committed suicide in the house he brought for him and his family 2 months back. Dealing with chronic depression, this brave warrior fought really well but destiny had some other plans for him.









Still this doesn’t sound as a serious and a grave issue, check out these screenshots I took while doing my research. Instagram is one of the favorite virtual hangout spot for teenagers and what I see was really earth-shaking, millions of young people struggling with depression, loneliness and suicidal thoughts. What was even worse that hundreds of new posts were pouring down per second. If you want to see it yourself, just search #depression #suicidal or related keywords. There were more disastrous images like self-cutting, bleeding and all which I can’t show you all for obvious reasons.




loneliness depression instagram


loneliness depression instagram






If that’s not enough, then here’s a fact, loneliness increases the chance of early death by 26% which is way more than depression and stress. We all can agree that most of us have been through such things. It’s a battle that no one wants to admit, why? Because it affects our ego.

One way humans attempt to overcome loneliness is by trying to find a sense of connection and identity through addictions like drugs, alcohol and sugar. Numbing the pain of loneliness is not the answer, but you are already smart enough to know that deep down.




Difference between loneliness and depression

It is quite easy to understand. Loneliness is the CAUSE and depression is the EFFECT. Depression is a state of mind where a person retires into himself ingrained with pain, guilt or regrets.


What causes feelings of loneliness?



Loneliness is not about having enough friends; it is about the feeling of disconnect. You can be surrounded people and can still feel haunted by it. It’s about the lack of purpose. When you’re lonely you feel like nothing is moving you into action and no one cares even about your existence.



How to get over loneliness?


While having a “Me time” might sound like a great idea but in practicality it isn’t. Instead it pushes you even deeper in your negative thought process.

Here are some proven and tested ways to battle loneliness that actually fetches life changing results. And yes, when I say ‘proven and tested’, I mean them.



Identify the cause and write down your thought process


loneliness depression instagram



One of the best way to prevent something from happening is to eliminate the cause that will trigger its initiation. Same has to be done with this case. Whenever you feel troubled by your thoughts, grab a notepad and write them down, write even minor thoughts. Now drink some water, take a deep breath and take a look at your list and mark the most troubling thought. Repeat this process every time you get tormented by your thoughts. After a while you will start recognizing a pattern and a main cause that always triggers sequence of this thought process. Now you have successfully identified the disease, just take a step more and eliminate it. As soon as you will eliminate it, you will start to feel light and happy.


 Get involved in your hobbies and passion


loneliness depression instagram


Yes, you always wanted to be the best guitarist in the school? Now is the time to be the one. You always wanted to have six-pack abs, well they are not going to grow by themselves, you have to work for it. So, work now. Find a trainer or hit YouTube. Love to write like me, start it now for free, start your own blog or reach out for a guest post, trust me when I say that millions of people are waiting out there to adore your work and talent, you just have to make a small move now.


Choose music over drugs


loneliness depression instagram



Because we want to escape this demon pretty badly, we choose any means possible to run away from it instantly. Even if those ways would definitely get us killed. Drugs and alcohols not only destroys your body but they also worsen your mental and financial condition. Instead find a solace in the world of tunes and tones. Make music your best friend.  Music will provide you an instant relief, listen to a rap to get fueled. Listen to a party song to boost your adrenaline. You will be amazed to know how music effect our mind which is scientifically proven.

Join a gym or aerobics class


loneliness depression instagram



Why hunt for branded clothes when you can turn your body into the best outfit. It’s the best practice suggested by professionals to get over loneliness and depression, turn your pain into the fuel to build yourself. You will be proud of your decision.



Ultimate way: Giving away


loneliness depression instagram



The fastest way to forget about your loneliness, and bring yourself back to an empowering state, is to give your time or money to those who have nothing. By focusing on something other than yourself, you refill your emotional glass with positive thoughts

Giving to other people feels good. Get around inspiring individuals and give your time. There’s no way you can stay lonely for long if you try this strategy.




How can you help others?



Even if you haven’t suffered from such a thing yet doesn’t guarantee that you won’t suffer ever. Many a times we don’t even have a slightest clue of how important our little compliments or conversation can be to someone. Not all heroes wear capes. You can be a hero too, all you have to do is to reach out to someone who needs little support. Its life, we all are ultimately headed to same abode. So why not help each other on the way to it. Just because some of us may not be dealing with loneliness, doesn’t mean that this article is a waste of your time. If you’re not dealing with loneliness, then go out and help other people not suffer from this epidemic that is at the root of so many problems in our society.



Recently 13 Reasons Why, a Netflix series which was a massive hit worldwide, provided an insight of high schoolers and their day-to-day problems. It was successful in spreading awareness. Where the show suffered some controversies about glamorizing suicides, but undoubtedly it was successful in leaving its mark and inspiring many to change and be aware.



loneliness depression instagram


Teenagers and retired people are the worst affected. So, help your friends instead of avoiding them. Knock on the door of your old aged neighbor and offer a friendly chat, the ray of hope that you will provide to them will definitely brighten your own life.




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