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If you’ve ever seen the movie Boiler Room, you probably remember Ben Affleck’s character coming into the room saying “motion creates emotion“. He was right. Scientists have proven that body language actually has a profound impact on your blood chemistry.
In fact, social psychologist Amy Cuddy, in collaboration with another researcher Dana Carney, found that simply assuming a dominant body posture for as little as 120 seconds leads to important changes in blood hormone levels. If you assume a dominant posture for as little as two minutes, this is enough to trigger a 20% boost in your blood testosterone levels.


So, in this article I am going to give tricks to boost your confidence and success instantly.



Trick 1: Wear a big confident smile




Smile sells the biggest lies”

This is indeed true.  People around us tend to copy our body language unknowingly. Smiling and looking confident not only increases your chance to accomplish your goal but also increases your chance to get help from like minded people.

That’s why sales person are trained to smile while carrying out the deal….even on the phone.




Trick 2: Keep your back straight and head high




This is the best hack. These small actions projects authority, confidence and control.  Keeping your chin high sends a message straight, loud and clear that you are the in-charge, in-charge of situations and in-charge of emotions.


Trick 3: Curl Up your lips in determination




Curling up your lip (almost as if you’re snarling) is a sign of aggressiveness. It shows that you’re serious about achieving your goals and are determined to accomplish them.

As you work, curl up your lip and notice the sense of seriousness, intensity, and focus that takes over your body. Others will notice your body language and sense the same intensity and focus from you and will naturally follow your lead.

Trick 4: Squint your eyes




Squinting your eyes shows that you’re determined and deeply involved. Don’t squint like you’re stalking a prey. Squint little. USE THIS GESTURE IN MEETINGS AND DURING PROJECT STATISTICS DISCUSSION. Don’t squint while having one to one conversation.


Trick 5: Take large stride while walking




Taking large strides shows your confidence and displays that you have nothing to hide. Occupying large amount of space displays authority and make your presence known to others



Trick 6: Keep your arms open




Keeping your arms crossed is a classic sign of vulnerability and defensiveness. Keeping your arms open is the exact opposite. It tells people that you are confident, serious, and optimistic.



Trick 7: Nod and smile at expected moments




Nodding and smiling are very powerful body language tools. Things don’t always go our way, when this happens we tend to resist. But when you nod your head, you’re accepting the reality and assuring yourself that you’re going to handle it like a champion. It’s a subtle, yet incredibly powerful sign of confidence and positivity.

In fact, that’s why salespeople are taught to say “I’m glad you said that” to every objection they receive


So, don’t just sit and read. Apply these tricks and see your life elevating in a week. 7 tricks & 7 days, and see your world changing.

Leave what are your experiments with body language and what you have observed in comment section.

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