Blogger Recognition Awards

Blogger Recognition Awards

Blogger Recognition Awards


Blogger recognition awards is something that always excites a blogger. No matter you are a newbie or well-established. Well Roel, the founder of amazing site gave me this reason to be excited and smile like an idiot. I received this award 15 days back. I was just too busy in shifting and travelling that I couldn’t post it then. A big sorry and apologies.




What is the concept of this “Blogger’s recognition award”?


This award is meant to throw a light on those bloggers that have mind blowing contents, ground breaking ideas and guts to put it forward. This award is meant to cheer them up, to show that we recognize and appreciate their efforts. It also provides an opportunity to work with some high players in blogging world, and to build links to generate and regulate traffic. After all everyone blogger wants to be associated with quality bloggers.





How does this work?


Step 1: You must thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to his/her website

Step 2: Write a blog post to show the award and explain the rules just like I did

Step 3: Write a brief story about how your blog started

Step 4: Give 2 advices to newbies

Step 5: Select 10 bloggers to pass this award

Step 6: PM, DM, send a text or comment on the person’s wall to let him know that you have nominated him/her.


So, I have completed step 1 and 2. Now, time for step 3



How this website came into existence?


I have done blogging on blogger for almost 1 and a half year. I wasn’t sure about my voice getting heard and my articles getting read. So, I decided to play safe on blogger. For those who don’t know, blogging on Blogger for free is bit easier than WordPress, but at the same time it makes you too lazy to learn something new (My personal experience) because almost every crucial thing is handled by google. I received support on my blogger articles, I was getting enough views so I decided to build a website and take my hobby to a new level. I don’t know, but it’s in my nature to see positive in everything, I build an Instagram page for quotes, realized that there are many who needs a little dose of positivity in their life and hence decided to give it away from my website.



 Advises to newbies


  1. Be excited and passionate every day. Always be willing to take chances, interact with new people, strike a deal or anything, just be focussed and be excited about your blog and work. And yes, don’t feel demoralised if something doesn’t work the way you wanted it to, it’s just a chance you missed but guess what, life is going to throw thousands of such chances every day in your way, identify and nail them.
  2. Work hard, blogging is not easy. Shed your stereotypes if you truly want to grow. Reach out to people. I know it might sound crazy but good people are still there, I accept, they are on the verge of extinction but still few are left, and astonishingly they are not that hard to find.


I am breaking the rule and nominating 11 bloggers instead of 10 bloggers. Check them out and you will know why. Now my nominations

  1. Daniel Lambert owner of
  2. Ishieta Chopra owner of
  3. Forat Sami owner of
  4. Paul Ryken owner of
  5. Lawson Annie Elijah owner of
  6. Joy Mandhotra owner of
  7. Duke owner of
  8. Namrata Kumari owner of
  9. Rupesh Sengar owner of
  10. Madison Russell owner of
  11. Luzel Opperman owner of



At last I want to thank Roel once again. If you’re reading this, Dude you are awesome. You have achieved a lot and you’re still so down to earth, this is one of the rarest quality that makes people charismatic. I really feel happy to get you on my side. I hope I will get chances in future to work with you.


And hey everyone else who is reading this, Roel and his website features guest posts. Opportunity is open to all, just one condition, quality is a must.



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