How to get the most out of everyday

Billionaire’s guide to be your best every day

People are always inquisitive to know how to gain as much as possible of anything, be it a
relationship or a business deal. Similarly people like you, who have productive mindset
know very well that the ultimate thing in this world is time and they are more drawn to
make the most out of every day.

We don’t even realize but when we think that we are giving our goals a hot pursuit, we are actually wasting our time because of our inefficiency  or it will be more appropriate to say less efficiency.



In this article you will learn the secrets of billionaires.  Every small thing that they do are listed below and the best part is 3 and a half minute and you will have the same mindset as a billionaire. 



7 Proven ways to make the most out of everyday.


billionaire's guide to be your best every day



#1st Way: Avoid using phone or laptop during meals


billionaire's guide to be your best everyday


When you’re eating your evening meal, make an effort to turn off your phone or leave it in another room to avoid the temptation of checking it and to ensure you’re not distracted from company. Be present and make the person you are with feel like the most important person in the world.

Living busy lives means we sometimes don’t get to see our friends and families as much as we’d like to, but when you are truly present, you are making every second count and can deepen relationships. If you are eating out, leave all phones upside down on the table and the first one to turn theirs over buys dinner

#2nd  Way: Dance to your favorite track


Feeling stressed? Trapped in a problem where you see no solution? Feeling diffident?

Start dancing to your favorite track or start shouting like you’ve won a world tournament, doesn’t matter which tournament, just act like you’ve won one. Winning or dancing releases happy hormones which boost our confidence level instantly, this hack is recommended by all body language experts. Trick is simple, if you are nervous, fool your brain, and act like you’ve won a match or you just start dancing. It’s enough to do the magic trick.



#3rd Way: Clean your room and work desk


Yes my dear lazy fella, you have to get up and clean your room and work desk if you want to achieve more than others. I have heard and read some people’s theory, where they claim with calculations that cleaning room is completely waste of time

Look at the pictures below

billionaire's guide to be your best every day

billionaire's guide to be your best everyday



Where do you want to work? Of course, the second one. So always try to keep your work desk clean, sorted and neat. This will help you concentrate more and will increase your focus. More over it will increase your creativity also



#4th Way: Smile a lot


One the easiest things you can do every morning are wake up and smile. Wear a big bright smile as soon as you wake up and see yourself in your mirror laughing. All your worries will vanish. This will program your brain to think positively and you will attract positivity all day. Not only people love to interact with people who are smiling but also people who wear decent smile in a business meetings tends to be more successful in sealing the deal than those who have a tensed body language. To know more about WHY POSITIVE THINKING IS A MUST, click here



#5th Way: Read something positive at least once a day.



Keep the positivity rolling by reading something positive every day. Sign up for some positive AM alarm apps like Spirit Junkie or Affirmation Alarm to make things easy. Blogs, books, magazines, and newsletters are other great resources for positivity. If you want free E-books, you can always refer to my Free E-books section. Reading inspirational contents help you to maintain positive energy and hopeful outlook towards problem that life tosses towards you every day.




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ultimate guide to make the most out of every day





#6th Way: Work out and eat healthy


billionaire's guide to be your best every day


Work out daily. Make it a habit. Move your body, especially when you’re feeling tired. Exercise releases endorphins, which makes you happy. Happiness helps makes the most of your day. You don’t have to get vigorous; try a brisk walk or meditative yoga if you’re not into heavy sweating. For 10 minutes work out plan, check out this link

The Ten Minute Cognitive Workout: Manage Your Mood and Change Your Life in Ten Minutes a Day
Follow healthy diet practices by eating three daily meals and a few snacks. Remember that everything is okay in moderation, except vegetables. You can eat veggies in abundance. Don’t starve yourself, and don’t be so rigid you never enjoy a meal.



#7th Way: Rejuvenate


Try this today, before going to sleep, take a shower, apply body moisturizer if you have one with you and switch off all the lights and go to sleep. You will wake up fresh, light and will feel happier than usual. Your mind will be ready to take on any problem, and you will be ready to conquer the world. Moreover, there are significant chances that you might not need any alarm to wake you up, and if needed, you won’t be hitting the snooze button, that’s for sure.




At the end of this article, I would only like to say that don’t just read the above stated ways and move on. Try to implement them in your daily habits, until you will implement them or any other tip you’ve read elsewhere, you won’t see your life changing, you won’t be able to improve your slot.


Don’t forget to add in comments what you love to do daily that re-energizes you.

At last, Don’t forget to share because SHARING IS CARING


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