5 Ways To Crush Your Fear of Success.



FEAR, the root cause of most of the things that go bad in our life.  It’s a natural instinct.  We all fear one thing or another.

Some of us fear insects, some fear wild animals, some are afraid of heights, some of water, some of losing their pride, some of death and some of getting hurt and betrayed.


But there is one thing that most of us fear.  We all have experienced that overwhelming anxiety enveloping and getting a strong hold on our thoughts.  We all have ceased to perform at least once in our lifetime because of that fear, because of that anxiety.  And that is known as

“Fear of Success”



I myself have experienced it many a times.  So decided to find its cure and finish it once and for all.

The first thing that needed attention was why we fear.  Why is success so overwhelming to us?

  1. We fear uncertainty. Its human nature that we prefer the decision that have fixed, certain and known consequence. As soon as things go off the plan, we start to loose our mind
  2. Human is a social animal. We have a tendency to be accepted in a group, we love and feel secure to be in the group. Often we fear that if we become successful, it might upset some set of people, they will feel jealous and it might lead to our outcast. The thing is, we care too much about what others will think.
  3. Where there are chances of massive success, there are chances of massive failures too. Often fear of failure overpowers the joy and excitement of success.
  4. Success demands hard work. It demands tough calls which make us really tensed. Because we all love our comfort zone and don’t want to leave our comfort bubble.
  5. Some people fear success because they think they don’t deserve it. Yes it is strange, but some people do feel in this way

I am doing everything I can to sabotage my career. It’s a little thing called “Fear of success”


Now, are there any ways to overcome this fear?  To shed this fright and be the best.

Yes there are. There is no problem in this world that doesn’t have solution, Remember this and maybe write it down.

5 stepping stones to overcome the fear of success




1. Recognize what success mean to you.

The biggest mistake we all do is we don’t realize what success means to us. very often we take up the definition of success define by others. We fail to recognize that success is dynamic. It is different and unique to every individual. 

For example: for a student, success might mean to get distinction in exam, for a depressed person it might mean to spend a day laughing and not shedding tear. For an entrepreneur it might mean to rule his niche, for a prostitute who is very unfortunately pushed into dark industry, success might mean to give a beautiful life to her kids, the life they deserve.

So our first stepping stone is: Recognize what success means to you.


2. Recognize the fear.

Fear it’s a sneaky and nasty thing, isn’t it? Recognize what is holding you back. Is it our fear to fail? Is the peer pressure you will receive after getting succeeded?

Second stepping stone: Recognize what is scaring you.

3. Try to predict the outcome

Remember I said, we tend to loose our mind as soon as things go off the plan. Now think, what happens if we predict the outcome, if we know what can go wrong and be prepared?   The fear is gone, vanished into thin air.

Try to visualize your goals, try to predict the outcome. Write down what you see. There may be some negative points but there will be more positive outcome.  As soon as you will evaluate, you will come to know what weighs more and its worth taking the risk.

Third stepping stone: have an idea of outcome


4. Have a long term plan

Most people fail despite having a good start is that they lack a long term vision; they don’t know where they might see themselves after 10 days, 10 weeks, 10 months and 10 years. We don’t have to make this mistake. A clear vision and we will be sailing smooth.

Fourth stepping stone: try to have a long term plan


5. Don’t obsess over the result

Last and most important, don’t obsess with result, don’t tie a knot to a specific outcome. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.  Predict the outcome, but don’t obsess.  Many  times we feel depressed because things didn’t worked according to our expectation and we find ourselves in an ugly spot.

Fifth stepping stone: predict the outcome, but don’t be obsessed with it.


That’s the end of our article. Tell me what is your fear and we will work together to eradicate it.

Hope you like it and don’t forget to share, because SHARING IS CARING. 

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