3 Reasons Why emotional pain leads to positive development in life.

Emotional pain are often more distressing than a physical laceration. It’s something that no ointment or spray could heal. Whenever we think of any incident that pinched our heart, we are pushed into the pit of all those dark memories that we don’t want to confront in our life again. We all have been through this. But have you ever thought that it can or it leads to strong positive developments in life? To be honest, only few of us have thought so. Like I always say, its just a matter of perspective.

Emotional setbacks and pains are as much important as failure is in achieving success. Where failures pave a path to success, emotional pain lays the foundation of being a good person.


Nobody likes being in pain, but as I said, it’s necessary for a better life.


emotional pain


Here are the 3 reasons why emotional pain can be your best guide in the tough days of life.




It pushes you to move forward:

Emotional pain pushes you to move forward. It pushes you to take actions to improve your slot. What do you do when you are troubled by something? You try to get past it with every practical way possible.

You are more likely to change and make progress. Do you know what is worse than pain? Feeling comfortable. If you feel that where you are right now, it’s “fine,” you have already started your dying process. Feeling unsatisfied and always wanting more is a great indicator that you wish your life to be different


It gives you experience

What’s experience?

It’s the things you learn when you have a strong desire to achieve something and you fail at it miserably.

You and I know that the actual lesson of life comes from your downfalls. When you hit rock bottom, when you get the real smack on your face. It’s like passing an exam in a very unusual way.

Look at your life now; look at the improved slot you’re in. I bet there were painful moments in past and you learned from it. You are better than before.

Emotional pain not only gives you experience, but also lay a strong foundation of being a good and kind human. Most of the times, when we someone who is going through the same heart aching process as we did, we try to reach to him. Provide him support. Deep within, we want to ensure that the fellow don’t have to go through the same process as we did.

This small act of kindness won’t change the world, but it will change the way that fellow sees the world.



It motivates you


Pain is the best motivator. It challenges you to make changes and progress whether you like it or not. It motivates you to change yourself, your life, maybe your relationships. How would we know what is right for us without feeling pain? Pain is an indicator that something in your life is wrong, and change is necessary.

Feeling emotionally uncomfortable motivates you and sometimes inspires you to do remarkable things. Some accomplishment or success in your life wouldn’t happen if you were not in enough pain to pursue it.


I know that no one likes to suffer from emotional pain, but we all have to understand that this is part of our life, and we have to deal with it in the best way possible. Make it your best friend and learn as much as possible.

After all everything has two aspects, so why not look at the brighter side.


What have you learned from your pain? Feel free to leave a thought.

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