dying motivation

3 questions that will re-ignite your dying motivation

People say that starting is the hardest part, I say it is the easiest.



Because you are super excited and highly motivated when you start. The real pain begins when your motivation starts to vanish and you start to feel like its not worth it, you are not capable of, and you start to adopt the mindset of quitters.


We all want to achieve one thing or another, we try our best but nothing seems to happen. All our best shots go in vain. You feel like the boxer who is off balance and out of breath, standing there with a lost faith waiting to be knocked out anytime. That’s the time when we want to throw it in the towel.


That’s where your true journey begins. Its quite obvious that at times like these quitting and giving up seems far more easy, rational and logical decision. But to be honest, if you truly wanted it, you also know that somewhere deep inside you don’t want to give up.


For those who don’t want to give up,


3 questions that will re-ignite your dying motivation






1. Why had you started it?


Seems like a little question, isn’t it? Pretty easy to answer. What I want you to do is sit back and think of the times and circumstances under which you decided, that it is enough, I want to do it and I will do it.


Live back those memories, doesn’t matter how dark and painful they are. Just do it


Always remember that “Best art comes from the worst pain”


Ask yourself constantly that why had you started it at the first place? Was anyone forcing you to do that? Did someone put a gun to your head? It was all your wish, you decided to do that because you felt you were right, and you are right.


You made the right decision. So why give up now.


Best things, best brands and best people aren’t born in one day. It takes years of hard work, dedication and devotion to create it.

So instead of thinking that you can’t do this, start looking for a different approach. Change how you see things, bother to look how others see it.  If you are in business, look for what kind of demands are in the markets.

Whether you are able to supply the requirements.

Until and unless the demands and supply would have a gap, nothing productive can be accounted.




2. What success means to you and how would you feel on achieving it?



dying motivation



Just for a minute, with open eyes, imagine how would you feel when you have achieved what you wanted.


Wanted to be the best athlete in the college? Now you are, and people go crazy when they meet you.


Wanted to be muscular guy? How do you feel now when you have a perfect abs.


Wanted to be the smartest in the person in the room? How would you feel when you will outwit everyone else and will actually become the smartest person in the room?


Wanted to build a well-known brand? How would you feel on giving interviews on how you laid the foundation of that brand?


Just imagine with your eyes wide open and awake. Tell me honestly, how you felt?


It was amazing and blissful, right. It can come true, and it will come true, nothing can stop you if you just carry on, no matter how heavy you feel.


Always remember, dreams with your eyes open always becomes a reality. You know why? Because that happiness and satisfaction you just got, will push you forward to achieve it.


The last question is,




Do you believe in yourself?



dying motivation


You have decided, that you were right. You did the right thing.

You decided to follow your heart because somehow, they know the answer.

You imagined and lived the happiness you will get when you will fulfill your dream.

Now, the most important question is, do you believe in yourself?


Pro tip-Never take NO for an answer to this question. Because if you won’t, then who else will.


Just know, you can do everything you have ever dreamt of. You have more control on the situation then you realize. You are far more capable and strong then you think.

And after all, it is your dream, if you wouldn’t, then who would?


No time is perfect, no instrument is perfect, no person is stronger than you. Start where you are, with what you have and start now.


Always remember you’re the boss and you only give meaning to everything.


If you don’t like the situation in which you are, take control of your life and change it.


Stand up, take responsibility, act upon it and change it. Never settle for less.


To be fair, there are only two types of people in the world.


Winners and losers


Who you want to be?


Want to be a loser and get forgotten or be a winner and set an example


Better make winning your habit, because you can.












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