Ever faced bad times? Times when no matter how much effort you put into your work but got no significant results?

Times when despite your best shot, things went off the plan? Moment when it felt like your dream was nothing but a big mistake and your ambitious efforts were nothing but a waste of time that not only landed you in a tight spot but also depreciated your relationships.

Every person who dared to chase the dream bigger than him felt so at some point in his life. But those who didn’t gave up, are those whose biography we read today, whose words becomes quotes.

Time and time again, I hear people say the phrase “I’m burnt out”, whenever they feel drained. Getting tired and feeling drained happens when you’re working hard, and I understand this. However, you’re not burned out. You simply lack the motivation to keep fighting.




4 ways to rejuvenate your dead motivation


So here are:



 4  Guaranteed ways to rejuvenate the fire within when you’re feeling burnt out.







  1. Think why you started this.


Whenever we start something we tend to have a clear or obscure vision of what we will achieve at the end of the battle. When you feel burnt out, all you have to do is clear your head of all emotions, sit back and relax, and think:

Why you started this?

What will you achieve?

What’s your short term and long term goals?

Are you putting your efforts in the right direction?

These questions will sort half of the problem for you.




  1. Visit that dark place and live those dark memories again.


I know, all of us have sad and painful memories of failure, insult and self pity. And most of us don’t want to confront it again. But I want you to take a day off, and visit that place again, live those painful memories once again. Because believe it or not, those memories only  propelled you to better your slot. We don’t realize how emotional pain plays a significant role to give us a positive break in our life.

Thoughts and emotions that pushed you to take such a positive step towards something bigger and better, their remembrance will sure ignite the fire within once again




  1. Think about the people who doubt you


Think about those people who doubted you. Gave you a hard time. Those who still pull your legs. Those who laughed at your aim. Those who still say “You are worth nothing, and you can’t do anything in your life”. Think how much they will laugh when they will hear that you’re giving up. I am sure you don’t wanna see them laugh. So don’t let them. Fall and rise again. Prove that they were never right and they never will be.




  1. Think about everyone you’re letting down


We think that our dreams are just related to us. But they aren’t. Anyone who cares about us has his/her emotion attached to our goals. When we succeed not only we rejoice, but all our well wishers feel proud.

Whoever these people may be, just think about them for a moment. How happy will they be when they get word that you tried your hardest and succeeded? And on the other hand, how disappointed will they be when they find out you got ‘burnt out’ and stopped pushing? I don’t know about you, but I would rather hear “I’m so proud of you”, than hear “Well, maybe that wasn’t meant for you.”




At the end of this article all I want say that some people often don’t try because they think that their age to make their dream a reality have passed and its over now.

For such people:

Wake up guys, you’re not living your life, you’re just carrying it as burden, slowly dying out day by day. It’s never too late to become what you wanted to.

What do you do when you feel that you are starting to burn out? Leave a comment.

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