10 traits of charming people that you can adapt too.




Lack of Charisma can be Fatal



Charm and Charisma, a quality we all want in our friends, our partners. We all want to interact with charming people and want to be around them. The energy they deliver, the vibes they give out makes the whole atmosphere loving and filled with life. I always think about such people. Some people naturally have it. They are always full of life and energy; they motivate people and see the best in everything. They make people see the best in them. No wonder everyone loves to be around them.

Charisma tends to increase your chances of being successful in any area of your life. Science has been fascinated by the concept and found that charisma is a quality everyone can develop; not necessarily an inborn trait.




Let’s share those 10 traits that are found in such charming people.



They are approachable

You must have seen people who are very knowledgeable and successful, but they are hard to approach or ask a question. They always look so tense and busy that person often thinks hundreds of time before approaching them.

Charismatic people are different. They are always approachable, in fact many a times we think of those persons whenever we feel low or want to share something.

Trait 1: Be approachable.

No self importance

Charismatic people are simple, easily relatable and positive. They are not rigid when it comes to self importance.

It’s not like they don’t know anything. They are quite knowledgeable, they just don’t believe in showing it off and making people feel unworthy or small.


Trait 2: in today’s selfish world, be selfless and stand apart from the crowd.

They are passionate

Charismatic people are very passionate. They have a clear vision and concrete belief in it. This not only motivates people around them but also help them to bring the best out of them.

Behavioral science has proved that strong emotions are contagious. For example if you spend time with motivated people, you yourself will feel motivated. If you spend time with one of your friend who has strong trust issues, you also would find yourself suffering from trust issues.


Trait 3: be passionate. Few species remaining


They are very confident when they approach. Proper eye contact, a confident smile and they win everyone in the room. Moreover, it’s proven that people tend to believe a person who is very confident in their approach no matter how wild their dream looks like.


Trait 4: be confident.


They are attentive and they listen to others

Charismatic people are good listeners. People love to be around them because they are good listeners, they listen to them.

Simple habits like asking questions, maintaining eye contact, smiling, responsiveness, verbal or nonverbal cues, are some of the things they do actively.


Trait 5: listen to others.

They have a cause.

It’s a rare fact that anyone mention but its true and one of the biggest factor. Charismatic people are far-sighted. They have a vision, not only they have vision but they have guts to dare and dream bigger than themselves. They are so passionate about it that they easily convince everyone to believe their dream.


Trait 6: have a plan

They are generous

According to Professor Grant at the Wharton school of business, there are three types of people; the taker, the matcher and the giver. Charismatic people are givers and altruistic. They give without looking for anything in return.


Trait 7: in today’s mean world, be generous. Be different

They encourage self disclosure

Charismatic people ask insightful questions which make others share things about themselves. Studies from Harvard researchers prove that sharing information about ourselves impacts our brains.

It’s also confirmed that our brains are literally wired to enjoy sharing information about ourselves. Being charismatic is less about you and more about how you make others feel.


Trait 8: encourage people to share things. They love it.

Believe in themselves

It’s one of the strongest traits. Charming people have an extraordinary belief in themselves, belief in their dream, belief in their actions and belief in people they work with.


Trait 9: believe in you, even when the whole world doubts you.

They are genuinely interested in others

Nowadays, most of the people have developed a selfish, arrogant and ignorant attitude towards others. Statements like these “it’s his life, not mine”,” it’s not my problem, its hers, so why do I care” are very common to be heard and that’s why very few charismatic people are remaining and those who are present, are present on the top of the world.

Confident and charismatic people usually prefer to shine the spotlight on others. They motivate people. Telling others how much of a good job they’ve been doing is essential.

Not only will people who are drawn to you appreciate your praise, but they will also appreciate the fact that you pay attention to what they’re doing. It brings a sense of accomplishment to them. Then they’ll feel a little more accomplished and more important.  


Trait 10: be you and show a little interest in others life too. Your words can make someone’s day, you never know.



So don’t just sit, adapt these habits and become a go-getter.  Start now. And share which habit you like most.

And don’t forget to share because SHARING IS CARING.

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